The Last Of Us Part 1 Supplement Locations Guide

Supplements are a set of collectibles that you can find during your progress in The Last of Us Part 1....

Supplements are a set of collectibles that you can find during your progress in The Last of Us Part 1. They are used to help Joel and Ellie improve their survival skills. Hence, finding these collectibles carries more importance than just unlocking a trophy or achievement.

Where to find Supplements in The Last of Us Part 1

There are two types of supplements that you can find in the game. The potted flowers and large bottles are worth 10 supplements each while the small bottles are worth 5. You also get a supplement from each Shiv door.

There are 800 supplements in total to find to get Joel and Ellie fully upgraded. Searching for all of them is not going to be easy, especially during your first playthrough.

It is hence recommended to beat the game first and find all the supplements in your second, new game plus playthrough.

Chapter 1: The Hometown

There are no supplements to find in this chapter.

Chapter 2: The Quarantine Zone

There are no supplements to find in this chapter.

Chapter 3: The Outskirts

Location #1: After getting under a bridge, right after the cutscene where Joel is persuaded by Tess about the honesty of Ellie, there’s a fallen bridge right next to it. To the other side of the fallen bridge is the flower pot which players can get to after crawling through the gap to the left.

Location #2: The next supplement can be found in the destroyed office building. After getting rid of the dead clicker you’ll see a shelf on the right where you’ll find a pot of supplements.

Location #3: Follow Tess and Ellie when you are attacked by a Clicker for the first time. You’ll enter a room where you’ll get to see a white Shiv Door right in front of you. You’ll get a bottle of supplements after getting through the door.

Location #4: When Joel is asked to take everything on a lighter note by Tess, his pace will slow down. You’ll eventually pass by a sign with letters written in golden “OLIVER LLF” with a red background. After getting the sign in sight, take left and you’ll find the Supplement right on the ground at the spot where the floor is shattered.

Location #5: The next bottle of supplements that you’ll find will be in the subway station that you’ll get to after continuing from the last supplement mentioned. You’ll get to find phone boxes on the left after you get into the station where the bottle of supplements would be lying.

Location #6: When you get a hand attached to Joel’s foot after getting through the metal door, search the rear of the truck and you’ll get another supplement-containing bottle.

Location #7: Get back to the cafeteria you last saw with Tess and Ellie when you get separated from them. There’s a Shive Door there which you can open to get the Supplement bottle.

Location #8: The next supplement can be found after the animation at the Capitol building. After the cutscene, get to the second floor until you reach a point from where you can advance through a hole. On the other side of the hole, you’ll get a Supplement bottle.

Location #9: After getting to the other side of the hole in the same place mentioned in the previous Supplement location. You’ll be chased by four soldiers. Get to the first room on the left and then take an exit on the right. You’ll see a door in front of you. Entering through the door will lead you to a place where a Supplement bottle will be placed.

Location #10: Following the events where you are chased by the military, you enter the subway where you’ll have to deal with two soldiers. After getting done with them, take a right turn from the point of entry and then take right from the tracks to the trains. Get to the farthest train and search the pillars behind which you’ll see the Supplements bottle worth 5.

Location #11: While advancing through the Subway tunnels, a point comes when Ellie would not be able to swim. From there, go straight until you see a platform with a corpse lying to the left. Searching behind the corpse and under the water will lead you to a surface on the other side where you’ll find another supplement bottle.

Chapter 4: Bill’s Town

Location #1: The players will see a white bird after entering the small forest. Take the trail on the left after getting sight of the bird and you’ll get a Supplement plant on the trail.

Location #2: You’ll be in an area where you’ll pass by two hidden clickers after you get past the plank. There would be a building in front of the shed and after getting to its 2nd-floor hallway, you’ll find a Supplement bottle.

Location #3 & #4: Before you allow Ellie to unlock the fence, make sure you open the Shiv door on the left. Opening the door will unveil two Supplement bottles.

Location #5: You’ll find fairy and gnome statues after taking two consecutive turns when you’ve got into the locked fence. Enter the garden with statues and on the right will be the Supplements lying in a pot.

Location #6: The next Supplement is lying inside a safe which you’ll find on a truck while coming down a street. Get the artifact “Note to Bob” from the end of the street which will be attached to a wire there. After getting the artifact, open the safe to find the Supplements inside.

Location #7 & 8: The next Supplement can be found after you see a clicker blasted by a bomb. Get to the rear of the music shop there and enter the Shiv Door there to find the Supplements.

Location #9: When Ellie is cautioned by Joel to stay under the nail bomb’s wire, Ellie will hear a sound from a building nearby. In the second-floor bathroom of the building, the Supplement bottle will be placed.

Location #10: Go upstairs from Bill’s bar and on the first right will be a room where you can find a bottle of Supplement.

Location #11: Before you tend to get out through the window while being at the church’s altar, make sure to check the room on right to collect the Supplements.

Location #12: Get to the fountain section of the Church’s cemetery. There you will also get a Supplement bottle.

Location #13: Move to the left after climbing over the RV and jumping off the tree house. You’ll get another Supplement supply in the corner.

Location #14: From the previous Supplement location, get inside the house and head to the second floor. After getting a room with a crib, you’ll get Supplements there.

Location #15: This last Supplement of this chapter is found in the same house where you find Frank’s corpse. Search the kitchen to get the Supplement.

Chapter 5: Pittsburg

Location #1: Right after you get done with the Hunter Ambush and get through the metal door. Get to the first room on the left after you’ve been able to get on the floor. You’ll find the Supplements inside a red suitcase lying inside the room.

Location #2: After getting an idea from Joel that the only way you have to get out of there is the far-away bridge, you’ll be thrown into a wreckage of cars. You’ll find Supplements at the place.

Location #3: Get to a room with a barrel burning in front of it on the first floor of the bookstore and then go all the way to the top. There will be a Shiv door in the left corner opening which will give you Supplements.

Location #4: When you get out of the bookstore and get past by skeletons of two FEDRA soldiers, take the stairs and get to the blue truck ahead. You’ll find the Supplement by the side of the truck.

Location #5 & #6: You’ll get past a yellow taxi after the Hunter Plank animation. From the taxi, there’s a Shiv door on the left that has the letter “X” printed on it. Open the door to get two Supplements.

Location #7: After a short while of discovering the Supplements mentioned very recently, you’ll pass over a plank laid by Ellie for Joel to pass that leads to a flooded coffee shop. On the second floor of the shop is what you are looking for. A Supplement bottle on a shelf.

Location #8: Take it right after getting to the hotel’s lobby. There’s a Supplement bottle atop the reception desk.

Location #9: Using the ladder in the hotel’s lobby will lead you to an area with three floors. The only exit is the third floor for you while both others are covered by hunters. After getting to its second floor, find a bathtub with corpses. In the same place will be the Supplements.

Location #10: Continue on the same floor as in the previous location and get to a place with a lot of suitcases lying on the floor. Get to the room on your right and there, you need to open the drawer and get the Supplements.

Location #11: When the lift falls to the bottom of the hotel’s basement, follow the path where there were a couple of rats came from. Keep straight and get on the stone ramp. Get to the laundry after taking a left and then a right from the stone ramp. In the laundry will be a wall with a table and two clothes hanging. On the first shelf of the wall is a bottle of Supplements.

Location #12: Get to the room with a workbench on the right after getting out of the hotel’s basement using the keycard door. In the room is a bottle of Supplements.

Location #13: There comes a point where you are aided by Ellie with her rifle. After getting to the other side when you get done with the gate and small cart. On the other side is the Supplement supply you are looking for.

Location #14: Before you boost Ellie to reach the ladder while there are a lot of nail bombs attached to trip wires, enter a building with the main sign board having letters “RATIONS DEPOT” through the main entrance. In the backroom is a Shiv door that you can enter to get Supplements.

Location #15: While being chased by a Hunter’s Humvee, you’ll be in a window and an apartment where you can check the dormitory bathroom to get Supplements.

Location #16 & #17: After the cutscene of the meeting with Sam and Henry, get past the stairs until there’s a door in front of you. Open the door and first search the kitchen to get the first bottle of supplement and then search the bedroom to get another Supplement.

Location #18: This one is in the safe house’s kitchen of Sam and Henry.

Location #19: After escaping the Humvee by lifting a metal door, you’ll be in a bar where you’ll find the Supplement inside a small coffee vending shop.

Chapter 6: The Suburbs

Location #1: You will find this location in the sewers where you will have to go through a large rusty gate blocked by a peculiar red box. You will find a small grate. Open it to enable Ellie to let you in and inside the room, you will come across a bottle. You guessed right, this bottle is worth 10 supplements.

Location #2: Another bottle, that is worth 5 supplements, can be found inside a room which you will find once you reach the other side using the platform that Ellie just turned on. This room will be located to your left.

Location #3: You will reach a post after triggering a sound trap where Sam will stand. Look for green lockers nearby. 5 supplements worth bottle can be found in one of these lockers.

Location #4: While being chased by 1 Clicker and 3 Runners, you will reach a room, upstairs on your left full of dead bodies. Among the bodies, look for a bottle that will be worth 5 supplements.

Location #5: A bottle worth 10 supplements can be found in a room. This room can be located by following the trail of the Stalker after you and Sam are trapped. Look on your left to locate the room.

Location #6: Another bottle worth 5 supplements can be found in a house. This house will be the first one on your right, while you and Henry are moving towards the distant lighthouse. Go into the kitchen and open the cupboard to find the bottle.

Location #7: You will find a pickup that’s blue in color near an ice cream truck. Cross it and go into the second house on your left. You will find a bottle worth 10 supplements in a cabinet that has a TV on top of it. This cabinet will most probably be located in the living area.

Location #8: The same house actually has two locations of supplements. The second one will be on the second floor inside a safe. However, collect an artifact named “Matchbook” from the third floor that is necessary to access the vault. This safe will contain a bottle that is worth 10 supplements.

Location #9: While defending yourself against the sniper, go inside the last house on your right where you will find 5 supplements worth on the second floor. The houses from where the sniper is shooting at you are not counted.

Chapter 7: Tommy’s Dam

Location #1: You will find a shiv door before arriving at the first turn-wheel of the dam and inside a 10 supplements bottle is located.

Location #2: Locate a bulldozer of yellow color near the entrance of the powerplant. Go around it to collect a plant worth 10 supplements.

Location #3: Inside the powerplant, go upstairs after you and Ellie split up. A room on your left side will have a bottle of 10 supplements.

Location #4: Go to the table in the control room, inside the power plant, where two engineers are working. A bottle of 5 supplements is lying on it.

Location #5: You will find a house, after escaping inside a ranch with Ellie, where a bottle worth 10 supplements is located.

Chapter 8: The University

Location #1: After securing Joel, get to the last entrance of the university and enter. Move left from the entrance and look for a blue car. You will find 10 supplements worth plant behind it.

Location #2: Inside the university, look for a car workshop. There you will find a bottle worth 5 supplements on top of a wooden box at the end of the room of the workshop.

Location #3: During the part of the game where a generator is turned on in order to open the gate, go up the stairs on your left and enter the hall. There you will find 5 supplements on a couch.

Location #5 & #6: These two locations are inside a building which can be located by entering a small opening on your right after crossing a barrier made of concrete. Go to the roof and enter the said building using a window near you. Two bottles worth 10 supplements can be found inside a drawer and a bookcase. Look for them as soon as you enter the building.

Location #7: Soon you will reach another gate for which the generator must be turned on to open it. However, locate a small entrance into the room which you can easily enter by crawling. There, you can collect a bottle worth 5 supplements on top of a small, wooden table.

Location #8: Continue moving forward from your previous location and soon you will arrive at room 202. 5 supplements worth bottle is located inside that room in a drawer.

Location #9: This location is inside a room that you will reach after your encounter with a Bloater and four Chickens. Locate a computer on top of a cabinet inside the room. 10 supplements bottle can be collected from the cabinet.

Location #10: Soon you will find a huge hole in the wall of the science lab. Use this hole to enter the lab and go through the doors on your left and right respectively. A bottle of 5 supplements can be located inside a cabinet.

Location #11 & #12: Enter another room through the shiv door where you will find two bottles of 10 and 5 supplements each.

Location #13: During your venture, you will hear a sound coming from upstairs. Follow it and open the door to your left. Inside the room, search the drawers for a bottle of 5 supplements.

Location #14: From the door through which u originally entered, you will see another door in front of you. Enter it and look for a shelf that has a bottle worth 10 supplements on it.

Chapter 9: Lakeside Resort

Location #1: In this chapter, you will reach a gas station soon where you will also find some motels nearby. Go to any of the rooms inside the motel and exit it through the bathroom window. A shiv door will be located there where you can collect a bottle worth 10 supplements.

Chapter 10: Bus Depot

Location #1: A RV will have a bottle worth 5 supplements located on the highway.

Location #2: After crossing the yellow bus, exit the highway and look for a grassy area where a plant worth 5 supplements is located.

Location #3: A bottle of 10 supplements can be found inside orange lockers located downstairs in the bus station.

Location #4: Upon reaching the area full of barren tents, start counting them from the left side and enter the second one to collect a bottle of 10 supplements.

Location #5: Another shiv door is located on your right after exiting the room with the final workbench in it. Open the shiv door and collect another plant worth 10 supplements.

Chapter 11: The Firefly Lab

Location #1: From your starting position after the cut scene, move down the hall and eventually you will arrive in a huge room containing X-ray machines and two big tables. A bottle of 5 supplements will be lying on top of one of these tables.

Location #2: During your venture in the lab, eventually a huge swarm of fireflies will emerge from a double door. Near these doors, you will find some chairs and a bottle of 5 supplements on them.

Location #3: The final shiv door of the game is located behind a counter on the next floor from where you originally are after the previous location. Behind this door is a bottle of 10 supplements waiting for you.

Chapter 12: Jackson

There are no supplements to find in this chapter.

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