The Evil Within 2 Files Locations Guide

In this The Evil Within 2 Files Locations Guide, we have listed the locations of all the files that you can find in the game. Each chapter in the game has different file collectibles and we have listed them all in our Locations Guide so that you don’t miss a single one.

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The Evil Within 2 Files Locations

We have listed the file locations according to the chapters so it is easy for you to look for them in a level.

Chapter #2 Files

Stefano’s Domain
In Stefano’s Domain, you will find three collectibles. The first one is Photo of William Baker. It can be found on the sink in the dark room.

The second collectible here is the Extravagant Letter. It is located on the front corner of the side table in the corridor right after you duck and crouch under the half-raised metal gate. You can also see the Grand Marquee outside the window where the letter is located.

The last collectible in this location is the Photo of Another Victim. This photo is also located on a side table.

To find this collectible, when you have evaded the entity on the third floor and viewed the nearby stabbing victim, go through the nearby exit door and follow the long hallway next. Reach the staircase landing where you will find a big pendulum swinging above you.

Head down here to the short hall to find a body being dragged through the door of room 103. Enter the room, jump over the furniture lying on the floor and around the corner, you will find the side table with the photo on it.

Bedroom, Abandoned House
Here you will find a Journal. To find it, inside the bedroom look for it on the credenza of drawers.

Outside Abandoned House
Once outside, Sebastian will pull out a picture of Castellanos Family automatically at the end of chapter 2. It will only appear in your files list until he does so after exiting the abandoned house.

Chapter #3

Union Visitor Center
Right at the entrance, look for Welcome To Union Pamphlet at the counter near the main floor entrance. In the basement of the Union Visitor Center, you will also find Turner’s Communicator Log.

You can access this at a later part of the story when you have tracked and tuned all of Mobius Resonances during the Rogue Signal Side Mission.

Once done, a door will unlock for the basement and you will find this Log sitting on a desk after you have viewed the Residual Memory there.

Jason Franklin Restaurant or Supply Shed in the Northwest Union
The next collectible is Mobius Communicator Log: Replacement Parts. This collectible can be found in two locations. The first one can be found on the fallen Mobius operative on the roof of Jason Franklin Restaurant. It is located next to the Visitor Center.

The second location for this collectible is the Supply Shed in the Northwest Union. Another fallen Mobius operative is found inside this shed.

Once you pick it up from either location, the other one will no longer be available so you can choose any one of the two locations.

Mitchel and Sons Construction
In the basement of Mitchel and Sons Construction, you will find the Report #00592: Disposal Request. You can access this area via the Union Auto Repair. Follow the passage to the doors to find in the unlocked room with the ladder.

336, Cedar Avenue
In this house, you will find a woman’s journal in the bedroom. Look for it on the big round table.

345, Cedar Avenue
In this house, you will find two collectibles. First one is Kcpd Request for Psychological Examination. This is located in the garage of the house on a hospital gurney inside a manila folder.

Next head to the bedroom. Before heading to the bedroom, make sure you inspect the TV in the living room otherwise the next collectible will not appear.

The second collectible is a Torn Psychological Evaluation Report. It is located on a side table in the bedroom.

Tredwell Trucking Warehouse
You will find Report #00654: Core Displacement on the second floor of the warehouse located inside the power control room. Access the second-floor room using the yellow ladder and catwalks located next to it.

Chapter #4

North Safe House, Union Residential District
Inside the safe house, you will find Report #00122: Recruits sitting on the front counter.

Situation Room, The Marrow – Operations
Under the big wall map in the situation room, you will find the e-mail: Union Growth on the screen of a computer sitting on a long counter.

Access Tunnels – Central, The Marrow
Find the Email: Expansion and Data Goals on a computer present on the small desk located in the power control room. It is located right after the gas-filled tunnels. Climb the ladder to access it.

Chapter #5 Files

Front Gate, City Hall Area
Here you will find the Photo of Sebastian Castellanos. The photo is located on the head of a fallen Mobius guard at the front gate. Hard to miss.

Mail Room, Union City Hall
Find the Report #00977: Urgent Structural Issues sitting on a cluttered desk near the place where you find Miles Harrison.

Stefano’s Domain
Here you will find three collectibles in different locations. First is the Krimson Post Article. You will find it sitting on a side table in the main hallway. It is located right after where you snap the correctly arranged photograph of the mannequin.

Second collectible here is the photo of the Murdered Mobius Operative. This is located in an office after you pass the two corridors after the mannequin photo location.

The last collectible here is a Handwritten Note. After the shifting hallways, descend the staircase and enter a large room where you will find many sculptures of strange figures. The note is located on the small table next to the exit door.

Second Floor, Union City Hall
Here you will find the Report #00213: Union Social Maintenance. This is located on a desk in the middle of the office. This office can be accessed once you have reactivated the Stable Field Emitter, exit the south hall balcony and then head left.

Chapter #6

Facilities – Near Exit D5, The Marrow
Report #00532 can be located sitting on a desk inside a locked room in the Facilities. To get it, once past the Watcher, look for the door with an oscilloscope lock panel. Solve the puzzle, unlock the door and grab the report.

Facilities – Hoffman’s Safe House, The Marrow
This is inside The Marrow’s safe house. After meeting Yukiko Hoffman, look the nearby computer and collect the Email: Core Candidates.

Chapter #7

Devil’s Own Taproom, Union Business District
You will find the Barkeep’s Journal in Business District. It is located on the southern edge of the district. Enter the room and you will find it on a table on the backside of the room.

Chapter #9

Cellblock Crypt, Theodore’s Domain
The collectible Burnt Page From ‘Submit To Freedom’ 1 is located on an altar in a corner alcove inside a cellblock in Theodore’s Domain.

Chapter #11 Files Locations

Torres’s Safe House, Union Nature Preserve
Torres’s Journal is located on a table inside the main room.

Hoffman’s Safe House, The Marrow
After returning from Union Nature Preserve, you will find the Computer File: Hoffman’s Notes on the computer.

Restricted Labs, The Marrow
The first collectible here is the Computer File: Security Protocols. You will find this on a computer in a room past the Security Checkpoint 4 located in the Checkpoint Area.

The second collectible is Report: Stem Integration Irregularities and is located on the first floor Autopsy Lab. You will find a slide projector projecting on a screen; the report is present where the slides are projected.

Your third collectible in this location is the Report: Irregularity Studies. It is present in the Lab 1. Go to the back room of Lab 1 to find this report near the Red Gel Jar.

Another collectible here is Computer File: Operative Case located in the Lab 3. Go to the back room of the lab to find it on the computer present there.

Your last collectible in this location is a Computer File: Pit Observatory. You can find it in the Pit Observatory Office.

Open the metal door located at the south end of the first floor of the Restricted Labs and follow the cart track. Keep going until you reach a small office. The collectible is on the computer in this office.

336, Cedar Avenue in Union Residential District, Juke Diner in Union Business District, Pit Observatory Office in The Marrow: Restricted Labs

The last two collectibles in this chapter are Torn Psychological Evaluation Report (Bottom) and Letter From Police Chief. To get them you need to complete all three Anima events.

Once three events are complete, move down the hallway to find two rooms on either side. Left room contains the letter and the right room contains the report.

Chapter #12

Burning Girl Statue, Theodore’s Domain
Find the burning girl statue in the dark void of Theodore’s Domain. You will find the Burnt Page From ‘Submit To Freedom’ 2 on an altar in front of the statue.

Chapter #13

Sanctuary Hotel Lobby, Union Business District – Ruins
In the hotel lobby, you can find the Hoffman’s Journal in the equipment bag on the coffee table.

Syke’s Safe House, Union Business District – Ruins
Find the Message From Sykes sitting on the desk in the safe house. You will need to complete the side mission “The Last Step” first.

Chapter #14

Theodore’s Stronghold
At this point of the story, you will find two collectibles here. The first one is Theodore’s Scripture 1 and can be found on the altar in the cathedral on the first floor.

Second collectible here is Theodore’s Scripture 2 and it is located in the room between the second and third floor. Get off the staircase while between the two floors to access the side chamber. The scripture is sitting on a worktable here.

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