The Evil Within 2 Key Items Locations Guide

The Evil Within 2 Key Items Locations Guide will help you locate all available Key Items in The Evil Within 2 that you will need during the course of the game.

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The Evil Within 2 Key Items Locations

Key Items in The Evil Within 2 include weapons, keys, security cards, weapon parts, and other misc. items. Our guide not only details the locations of these Key Items but also tells you how and where to use them.

Union Security Card

You need Union Security Card in order to gain access to protected Mobius locations.

How to Find Union Security Card
You should be able to find Union Security Card in the basement of Union Auto Repair located in the Residential Area.

Sealed Hospital Ward Keycard

You need this keycard in order to access locked door of the sealed hospital ward.

How to Find Sealed Hospital Ward Keycard
During the Anima flashback event at 336 Cedar Ave in the Residential Area, you should be able to find it.


Straightforward, isn’t it?

How to Find Roses
You should be able to find Roses at Union City Hall.

Emerald Necklace

A necklace with a large gemstone as the centerpiece.

How to Find Emerald Necklace
You should be able to find Emerald Necklace at Union City Hall.

Lily Doll

Crafted by Myra for Lily – one of her most beloved possessions.

How to Find Lily Doll
Lily Doll is located at The Pit Stop inside the Residential Area.

Myra Doll

Myra’s Doll that she crafted for herself.

How to Find Myra Doll
Myra Doll is located at Tredwell Trucking inside the Residential Area.

Gas Mask

You need to have the Gas Mask if you want to make it through the gas-filled sections of The Marrow.

How to Find Gas Mask
At the very start of Chapter #4, you should be able to acquire it from Liam O’Neal.

Broken Sniper Rifle

As the name suggests, a broken Sniper Rifle but not irreparable.

How to Find Broken Sniper Rifle
Finding the Broken Sniper Rifle requires you to access the rooftop of the building on the west side of Union Visitor Center inside the Residential Area.

Sniper Rifle Parts

Plenty of parts for a broken Sniper Rifle, which should allow you to repair it.

How to Find Sniper Rifle Parts
You should be able to find a garage located on the north side of the Union Auto Repair inside the Residential Area. Sniper Rifle Parts are inside this garage.

Broken Flamethrower

A Flamethrower with damage Fuel Tanks. You cannot use the weapon in its current condition and must find a spare, working Fuel Tank in order to use it properly.

How to Find Broken Flamethrower
Following the fight with O’Neal during Chapter #11, you need to head inside The Marrow: Restricted Labs to find it.

Flamethrower Fuel Tank

A couple of spare Fuel Tanks for a Flamethrower, which you should be able to use without any problems. If you have a Flamethrower lying somewhere, this should prove invaluable.

How to Find Flamethrower Fuel Tank
During Chapter #11- #13, continue to defeat Harbingers in order to acquire it.

Unity Cerebral Chip

An electronic chip implanted in the brain of a Mobius agent.

How to Find Unity Cerebral Chip
You should be able to find the Unity Cerebral Chip inside The Marrow: Restricted Labs.

Harrison’s Communicator

You need to have this communicator in order to start the Stable Field Emitter.

How to Find Harrison’s Communicator
You should be able to find it at the Union City Hall.

Storage Room Key

You need to have this key if you want to access the storage room near the Post Plus Office.

How to Find Storage Room Key
You should be able to find it lying inside an alley on the south side of the Business District.

Crank Handle

Since it is a handle, I wonder if it opens up anything. Why don’t you find out?

How to Find Crank Handle
You should be able to find it inside the catacombs during Chapter #9.

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