The Elder Scrolls Online Provisioning Guide – How To Cook Food and Gather Ingredients

Cooking in the Elder Scrolls Online is referred to as Provisioning. This aspect of the game is not only fun to use, but also extremely useful as it provides various buffs and effects enhancements.

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The Elder Scrolls Online Provisioning

Recipes for carrying out Provision can be found out throughout the world Tamriel. Once you have mastered and leant a recipe, you can sale it for some extra bit of a coin. In order to start cooking, you need to be at specific areas in the game.

Provision Skills

Other than this, you can also add skill points to your Provision Skill which will improve it. Check out these skills listed below:

  • Recipe Quality: This governs the quality of recipes you can use
  • Recipe Improvement: This governs the max level of recipes you can craft
  • Gourmand: this extends the duration of effects granted by eaten food
  • Connoisseur: This extends the duration of effects granted by consuming drinks
  • Chef: this lets you create extra servings when crafting food
  • Brewer: This lets you create extra servings when brewing drinks
  • Hireling: This lets you have a Hireling who will gather food and drink ingredients for you while you’re offline! The Hireling skill can be used once per day.

Getting Started

Cooking can be started by clicking on a fire pot anywhere in the town.

On the left side of your Provision Menu, you will see your progress and level, whereas; on the right hand side, you will see a picture of anything that you’re planning on cooking.

You will also see a check box on right hand side which will see if you’ve required ingredients or not.

Not having the required skill or ingredients will not let your proceed with the cooking, and the game will ask you to come back with required materials in order to cook.

Even if you have different ingredients, you cannot expect to stumble upon a recipe by adding mumbo-jumbo in the cooking pot. Therefore, it is advisable that you get your hands on every recipe you come across.

Food that you cook can provide you with various buffs and improvements, but they certainly have different cooldown times. Read on to know different effects that food can have on your character:

Why Food is Important

Although most people tend to think that cooking is only there to add to the fun factor of the game. That is not entirely true! Of course, it does serve that purpose, but it can also decide the outcome of a heated battle.

Attacks in the Elder Scrolls Online are just as unexpected as the wind itself. Having a few recipes and food at your disposal will let your increase your health and stamina can change the outcome of a battle.

How Recipes Work

Once you come across a recipe, it will be color-coded and will be added in your inventory list. These color-codes represent the overall rarity and quality of the recipes; some of them can be really rare or extremely common.

Furthermore, remember that you will easily find the ingredients for a common recipe than for a rare recipe. By opening your inventory, you can also consume a recipe (learning it) so that it won’t take up a slot in your inventory. These recipes (the ones which are consumed) can then be sold to vendors for a hefty price.

While we are talking about rare recipes, you shouldn’t forget about one-use recipes. These recipes are disposable and cannot be used more than once. Furthermore, these recipes don’t have any additional copies scattered within the provinces.

Although the one-use recipes give you a pretty decent amount of gold, I would not recommend selling them since they provide with some amazing perma-effects like health, magic, and stamina boosts.

Getting Ingredients

Now that we know the importance of ingredients, there are tons of ways through which you can get the ingredients. Some of the sources that you can use to gather them include vendors, harvesting them from different areas, fishing, and other stuff.

Recipes can also be found from various barrels, containers, dressers, and drop from enemies. The level of recipes dropped from enemies depend upon your current level. Furthermore, some of the recipes in the game are alliance-specific.

For starters, here are a few recipes with their corresponding effects:

  • Soup and Stew: Increases maximum magicka
  • Bread and Pie: Increases maximum health
  • Grilled: Increases maximum stamina
  • Beer: Increases health recovery
  • Spirits: Increases stamina recovery
  • Wine: Increases magicka recovery

We have a separate guide on fishing, make sure to check that out and tell us of your impressions in the comments below!

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