The Elder Scrolls Online Bleakrock Quests Guide

Bleakrock is an island in the northeast coast of Skyrim.

Your journey in The Elder Scrolls Online begins in Bleackrock Isle so your goal should be to be done with the early level grinding and XP farming as soon as you can.

In this area, you will be offered five major quests and one of them requires you to complete multiple sub-quests.

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The Elder Scrolls Online Bleakrock Quests

Following tips will help you complete all the quests in Bleakrock Isle:

A Beginning at Bleakrock

This is your first quest for Bleakrock, and it starts when you talk to Riurk in Davons’ Watch. Head over to the docks and speak to Liezl for accessing the Bleakrock.


In Bleakrock, go to the main hall and find Captain Rena, who will send you to speak to someone. After traveling some distance out of town, you will see a man coming towards you, just talk to him to complete this quest. You will be rewarded 85 Gold.

What Waits Beneath

This is the second quest and it begins right after the first one is completed. Keep talking to Darj the Hunter to get the quest. On the way to the marker you will encounter Level 4 Skeletons.

Upon lighting up the brazier, talk to Dragon Priest, and he will let you know that you need three Runestones to enter the dungeon.

Each of the stones will be guarded by a Level 4 Skeletons; you will obtain the Runestones upon killing them. After retrieving the stones, go inside the dungeon and talk to Dragon Priest again. Then head inside the main chamber to face the Boss, who is a Necromancer.

Try to keep your focus on the Necromancer and ignore the rest of the enemies. After defeating everyone, examine the body on the table and read a note on a desk nearby followed by going outside and talking to Darj the Hunter to finish the quest.

You will receive 85 Gold and Shield of Darj as a reward.

The Missing of Bleakrock

This is your third quest and begins right after you finish the second one. It is basically a quest-chain with sub-quests required to complete the main quest.

When you reach Bleakrock Wayshrine, you will notice a woman coming towards you. She will tell you about the curse and ask you for help. Follow her to the camp and take the Staff.

Talk to her again and she will request you to turn three of her friends back into humans from Skeevers.

First of the three can be found at almost at the top of the map on an island around the water’s side in South. Second one is also around the first one but be careful as there are many spiders roaming the area. Third one can be found at the South End of the map.

After saving them, go to Docks in the town and complete the quest by speaking with Molla. You will receive 42 Gold as a reward.

The Frozen Man
Head to the island on the north side of the area and talk to Rolunda.  She will ask you to rescue her brother from the cave. Go in the cave and find the three clues.

Be careful while exploring the cave as there will be bears guarding the place. They will be an easy find for you, but when you reach the third clue, don’t talk with the Frozen man yet, first find the clue and talk to him for beginning his game.

When you are in the chamber, you will be given the option of choosing the right person. Keep on picking until you find the right one. Talk to him and say that you want to hurt him and after a few moments, he will release the brother.

Bring him outside to Rolunda to complete the quest. You’ll receive a Bonesplitter 1H Hammer as a reward.

Hozzins Folly
When you are about to reach Hozzins Folly on the west of the map, a marker will appear that will lead you straight to Sergeant Seyne. Talk to her, then take a disguise of a bandit and after equipping it, do not engage.

Go to the camp and be careful of the enemies with torches and investigate the given locations. If you get caught, just pick a new one from a fallen bandit. After investigating the locations, go to the bandits cave in a disguise.

Lie to gate keeper and gain entrance.

At the end of the cave is an oblivion portal, head inside and kill everyone you find. In the end just interact with the orb and you will be outside the cave. Go back to Sergeant Seyne to finish the quest.

You will receive Seyne’s Bootknife 1H Dagger as a reward.

At Frosts Edge
In Hozzins Folly quest if you kill the bandits and search them, you will find a note. Follow the objective marker and find a burnable box. Get rid of the guards, burn the box and head further into the camp to free a prisoner named Bjorynolf to finish the quest.

Lost on Bleakrock
In the south west of the Bleakrock, talk to Halmaera, and she will ask you to find her dog and husband. Take the whistle and go to the objective marker, then use it. The dog will come running, pet it, and it will lead you to husband. Talk to him and return home to receive the reward of 42 Gold.

Tracking the Game
In east of town, you will come across wounded man named Hoknir. Talk to him and he will ask you to get rid of Deathclaw.

Go to objective and take meat from the dead animals to attract the Deathclaw. These will be level-4 enemies, so make sure you are up for it. Keep blocking and stunning him to stay alive, after defeating him, go back to Hoknir and complete the quest to receive 42 Gold.

Dangerous Webs
Head to the north-west area of the map, the area is filled with spiders. Find Bura-Natoo and speak to him. He will task you to rescue his friends from the spiders.

Head towards the marked objective and fight the Level-4 Spiders. Free everyone and return to Bura-Natoo to claim your reward of 42 Gold.

Sparking the Flame

When you are done with The Missing of Bleakrock, speak to Captain Rana to get this one. She will task you to go in the tower and light the signal fire.

The tower will be filled with Covenant soldiers, and you’ll have to fight your way to the top and light the signal fire as tasked. Return to town after that.

Outside the town, you will speak to the NPC. Go in the town and grab a bucket of water, put out the fire and rescue NPCs while fighting the enemies. After you have rescued the NPCs, return to Captain Rana and receive a reward of 85 Gold.

Escape from Bleakrock

Upon completion of Sparking the Flame, this quest will begin. Talk to captain Rana just outside the temple where she will tell you that she wants to evacuate the citizens to the Last Rest.

Then head inside and talk to her again to find out about the switch. Flip the switch and everyone will pass through after that, explore the area until you open the door for Captain Rana. Follow her lead and kill all the enemies on the way. Again flip the switch to let people inside.

Go out of the chamber and speak to Rana, then exit, and you’ll be at the Last Rest Location. Once you are ready to leave, talk to Captain Rana and when you are successfully sailed to the next area, speak to her again to complete the Bleakrock Quests.

You will receive 93 Gold.

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