The Division Will Feature Optional Microtransactions

It should really come as no surprise, but The Division will feature microtransactions when it is released in March, but will we see them in the beta?

The Division is finally releasing in March, but we’ll get a taste of the gameplay when it hits Beta this month. It will be interesting to see if microtransactions will be available in this test version of the game.

While there hasn’t been much talk about microtransactions in most titles we assume that they will make an appearance. Now that The Division has been added to the PlayStation Store the first hints that they will be making an appearance has been hinted.

If you find The Division in The Store, and read the pre-order details you’ll find the ominous word that shows that in-game purchases will be in the game:

“In-game purchases optional”

While no details are shown, with it being a multiplayer game chances are we can look to other Ubisoft titles such as Rainbow Six: Siege for how the in-game purchases will be used. This will probably be a currency that can be topped up, or works in addition to the main games purchasing system.

The question will be whether these in-game purchases will be cosmetic or will be used to purchase weapons and armour to give the player an edge in the game, or even give them access to different character types. If the purchases are optional, but also needed to get the full experience, gamers may be come annoyed. Especially if they are expected to grind their way through the game to play it without microtransactions.

Right now we can merely speculate as to what these in-game purchases are, but we know they are coming. Hopefully they will not be invasive to the enjoyment of actually playing The Division, and have little impact on the game.


Are microtransactions in games like The Division to be expected now? Let us know your thoughts below.

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