The Division Closed Beta Starts Jan 29, Keys Go Out Jan 15?

According to recent leaks, The Division closed beta is starting on January 29; one retailer says they will send out keys in the next couple of days.

The Division i.e. the game developer do not like to compare with Destiny, is one of the key titles that FPS lovers are waiting for. The Division closed beta is supposed to go live in “early 2016” as confirmed by the developers but we don’t know when.

However, someone might have leaked the launch dates!

A Reddit user claims (and backs with screenshots) to have had a conversation with a customer care representative of funstockdigital, asking about the time when they will be sending out keys for the closed beta that they have promised on their official website. The first reply he got reads:

The closed beta starts on the 29th January. We will be receiving and distributing the keys in the next 2 weeks before the beta starts.

So this means that we are less than three weeks from The Division closed beta, and only a couple of days away from the time at least funstockdigital starts distribution beta keys.

The users tried to get a reconfirmation asking “can you confirm the beta release date or is that what your system lists as the date [that the beta will be] released?” This time, the responded cautiously responded with “that is what we have been told by the key supplier.”

He would not divulge who exactly the key supplier was but added that they had more than one and more importantly that they get the keys “usually directly from the individual game manufacturer.”

Of course the rep’s word cannot be taken for granted, but since we are talking about people who really would be sending out the keys soon enough, there is no reason for them to misguide people about this.

If this turns out to be true, though, we are going to have one hell of a ride into the Dark Zone on my birthday!

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