The Division Base of Operations Guide

Get to know The Division Base of Operations, understand its Wings, The Market, Stash and how to get Side Missions in Base of operations.

The first major mission in Tom Clancy’s The Division when you arrive on Manhattan Island is to establish a Base of Operations (BoO) for your task force. The Base of Operations serves as the primary headquarter where your effort to take back New York is documented and planned out.

The BoO located in Pennsylvania Plaza is the place where you get your main missions, restock ammo, establish the respective wings (medical, tech, security); and unlock new Skills, Talents, and Perks.

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The Division Base of Operations

There is only one distinct The Division Base of Operations. When you first take control of the former post office building, it will be an absolute mess. However, as you progress through the story and carry out more missions, the BoO will begin to clean up and become more organized.

Immediately After Capture
When you successfully take control of the James Farley Post Office to convert it into a Base of Operations, it’s going to be in terrible shape. The direct contact and head of the BoO will be Agent Faye Lau.

She will be setting up the command post, and it will be your job to carry out field operations and find missing people that would activate the Base of Operations. Despite the messy state of the building, there are still plenty of NPCs to interact with, and lots to do.

Main missions can be acquired from people that manage the different wings of the BoO (more on wings below), but there’s a lot more than just going around finding important people.

Side Missions
While exploring the BoO, you’ll come across what is called the Situation Board. This is a board with lots of sticky notes and a map. The Situation Board is where you get your side-missions from.

In addition to the Situation Board, you can also talk to the Joint Task Force (JTF) officer in the lobby for side-missions. Side missions are a great way to familiarize yourself with the current state of New York, and also get to know the mechanics of the game.

The Market
There’s a market in the BoO where you can purchase weapons, gear, and other special items. At the start, you will find the following vendors:

  • Weapon Vendor
  • Gear Vendor
  • Mods Vendor
  • Reward Claim Vendor (Claim rewards from special events)

As your Base of Operations grows, you will get additional vendors that will allow you to buy equipment that you would otherwise have to travel to other places for. These vendors include:

  • Black Market Vendor
  • Clothes Vendor
  • Advanced Weapons Vendor

The Stash is a shared box located on the opposite wall when you enter the lobby of the BoO. This is a storage equipment where you can not only store your items, but also claim the ones you have extracted from the Dark Zone.

The stash behaves like a shared bank; every character that you have created will have access to this stash. It will make it convenient for you to move items from one agent to the other through it.


The Base of Operations in The Division is structured in three different wings, which are also essentially the three skill trees in the game: Medical, Tech, and Security.

As you carry out main missions and gather resources, you can use them to buy upgrades for different wings. Upgrading your wings will unlock new Skills, Talents, and Perks for the specific wing that you upgraded.

When you have a wing maxed out, you will get all the Skills, Talents, and Perks of that wing along with all the modifications and master bonus modification. Upgrading your wings will also improve the aesthetics of the Base of Operations, making it cleaner, organized, and more professional.

To unlock a wing, you will first have to find the person that is responsible for each wing. These people need to be rescued during missions, with each wing having its own storyline that will grant you further insight of the virus and the situation in New York.

This makes wings an integral part of not just your gameplay, but also the storyline and overall progression.

Once a wing is unlocked, you can buy a total of 10 upgrades of each wing. An established wing will also give you further missions, side-missions, and tasks that will strengthen the wing and progress the story.

Medical Wing
The Medical Wing is associated with the Medical skill tree. In order to activate the Medical Wing, you will have to find Dr. Jessica Kandel.

Technology Wing
The Technology Wing is associated with the Tech tree. You will need to find and recruit Paul Rhodes to activate this wing.

Security Wing
The Security Wing is associated with the Security tree. You will need to find and recruit NYPD officer Captain Ray Benitez to activate this wing.

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