The Division 2 Polarity Switch Event Guide

This The Division 2 Polarity Switch Event guide focuses on an event currently ongoing as part of the Warlords of New York season 1

With the release of Warlords of New York, The Division 2 adopted a seasonal content approach, complete with a season pass and all. The season pass offers players new activities to engage in every week. This The Division 2 Polarity Switch Event guide focuses on one such event currently ongoing.

Veterans of the original game might be familiar with the Polarity Switch event, which actually has a lot to do with what energy you are charged with (Positive or Negative), and what energy your opponents are charged with.

The Division 2 Polarity Switch Event

The Polarity Switch event has charged all agents with either a positive energy or negative energy. Shooting an enemy with a similar polarity as yours will do increased damage, and dealing damage to one with opposite polarity will deal much less amount of damage and shock you.

Activate the event by going to the Polarity Switch Page and all hostiles will switch to a specific polarity.

  • Positive enemies are marked with an orange ‘+’, negative enemies are marked with a blue ‘-‘.
  • Reloading or switching weapons changes your polarity.
  • Meleeing enemies changes everyone’s polarity.
  • Attacking enemies with an opposite polarity will apply a shock effect on you.
  • Clearing out enemies of similar polarity will give you a damage buff; can stack up to 4 times.

Like all events, Polarity Switch has specific challenges associated with them, complete them to move through the ranks and unlock event-exclusive rewards.

Most of these challenges simply revolve around killing enemies with different polarities so as long as you continue to play the game, you shouldn’t have too much trouble completing these challenges.

Day 1 Polarity Challenges

  • Eliminate 200 positive polarity hostiles (4*).
  • 100 eliminated negative polarity hostiles with headshot (3*).
  • 50 negative polarity hostiles eliminated with polarity damage buff active (2*).
  • Change the polarity of hostile fireteams (2*).
  • Eliminate positive polarity hostiles while they are on fire (2*).
  • Complete any Main Mission on hard difficulty or above (1*).

Day 2 Polarity Challenges

  • Eliminate 200 negative polarity hostiles (4*).
  • 100 eliminated positive polarity hostiles with headshots (3*).
  • Eliminate 50 positive polarity hostiles with the polarity damage buff active (2*).
  • Achieve the highest polarity damage multiplier 30 times (2*).
  • Eliminate 10 hostiles of the opposite polarity (2*).
  • Take a photo of positive and negative polarity hostiles together (1*).

Day 3 Polarity Challenges

  • Eliminate 50 negative polarity hostiles with weak point kills (4*).
  • Shock three hostiles of the same polarity at the same time (3*).
  • Take over a control point without being shocked or leaving the capture radius (2*).
  • Complete any Main Mission on challenging difficulty or above (2*).
  • Eliminate 25 positive polarity hostiles with a Specialization Weapon (1*).
  • Eliminate 10 polarized hostiles with a melee attack (1*).

Day 4 Polarity Challenges

  • Eliminate 50 hostiles while avoiding being shocked (4*)
  • Eliminate 50 positive polarity outcasts (2*)
  • Eliminate 5 positive hostiles followed by 5 negative hostiles (2*)
  • Complete any stronghold on hard difficulty or above (2*)
  • Eliminate 10 positive polarity Black Tusk enemies with grenades (2*)
  • Eliminate 25 negative polarity hostiles with Specialization weapons (1*)


Rank Reward
1 Magnetic Arm Patch
2 Crafting Gear Cache
3 Crafting Weapons Cache
4 Season Cache
5 Crafting Band Cache
6 Named Cache
7 Season Cache
8 Recal Cache
9 Exotic Cache
10 Lucky Backpack Trophy

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