The Division 2 Westside League Guide

Among all the exciting activities the game has to offer after a new season just started not long ago, the new weekly activity named The Westside League is already provided to the players. In this The Division 2 Westside League Guide we will tell you all about this limited-time event for Warlords of New York.

This activity is based on a league system and come with rewards based on ranking up by competing against the other players. The activity will go on for two weeks where you have a chance to win up to ten rewards based on how you ranked up.

The Division 2 Westside League

This activity that will extend up to two weeks will take place in the far west end of Washington D.C which you can see on your man as a trophy symbol.

There are a number of different challenges and specific missions that you must complete and to make it more challenging time limits are also added to these challenges.

The following events have to be completed within the 15 minutes time frame for the best possible score and high rewards.

  • Federal Emergency Bunker
  • Potomac Event Center
  • DCD Headquarters
  • Roosevelt Island

In order to Rank up, you have to complete the specific missions mentioned above within the specified time limit in the next stage limit which you can see in the league menu. Alongside completing the main missions you can also complete the following challenges, during missions or in the open world

  • Outcast Member Burned
  • Outcast Elites Killed

The Westside League missions can be completed on the default level only but you can complete the challenges on any difficulty level if you wish so. However, considering that Elites frequently spawn at higher difficulties, it is best to play on at least challenging if you want to finish this up fast.

The rewards will be entirely based on you ranking up. As you keep on completing the stages the ranks keeps on getting higher hence unlocking the rewards!

Within the 10 ranks are numerous stages in which you will be able to get the following rewards:

Rank 1-5

  • Upon unlocking 6 stages you get the Outcast Bug Patch
  • Upon unlocking 12 stages you get Gear Crafting Cache
  • Upon unlocking 16 stages you get a Weapon Crafting Cache
  • Upon unlocking 24 stages you get the Season cache
  • Upon unlocking 30 stages you get Brand Crafting Cache

Rank 6-10

  • When 36 Stages are unlocked you get the Named Item Cache.
  • When 42 Stages are unlocked you get the Season Cache.
  • When 48 Stages are unlocked you get the Recalibration Cache.
  • When 54 Stages are unlocked you get the Exotic Cache.
  • When 60 Stages are unlocked you get the Outcast Body Vault (Backpack Trophy).

So as you reach the particular stage and the particular rank of Westside League, the reward becomes available which you can get by accessing Season one and then click on League and finally click on rewards.