The Division 2 Perks Guide – Which Perks to Get First, Best Perks

In our The Division 2 Perks Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about all the Perks in TD2, best perks, and which perks you should unlock.

There are 16 perks in total to choose from in The Division 2. TD2 Perks are one of the essentials for your loadout because they grant you Passive Bonuses that will assist you throughout your gameplay.

Some perks can even be upgraded to multiple tiers to unlock further bonuses from them. To unlock or upgrade a perk, you need to *farm SHD Tech* which can be found in the open-world or by completing activities.

The Division 2 Perks

Personally, all of the perks available in the game are pretty useful; however, I would prioritize some over the others. The ones listed down below are viewed as a compulsory part of the every Agent’s kit.

At a certain point in the game, you will realize that one Primary Weapon is not going to cut it and that is where the “Weapon Slot” perk comes in. Having a backup weapon can save your skin at times as well as create weapon variety for you, this, enhancing your experience.

Both “Restock 1” and “Restock 2” two also crucial but “Restock 1” is a must-have. If you have played the game enough you will be familiar with the Armor Kits.

The “Armor Kits” basically are the “Medkits”, they repair your armor to restore your HP. Armor Kits are pretty hard to find in Washington DC; however, with this perk in handy, you will be able to restock your Armor Kits at any safe point.

Additionally, I know “Grenades are neglected by most of the players, but they do come in handy in many situations, therefore, keeping them in stock too is also a wise move.

Weapon Slot
Carry a second primary weapon.

Restock 1
Restocking when entering a safe space refills all Armor Kits.

Restock 2
Restocking when entering a safe space refills all Grenades.

Perks that Increase Capacity

I would say that these are the second most important perks you should go for.

These are the perks that increase the max capacity of many items such as Armor Kits and I have already mentioned the importance of Armor Kits before, therefore, having a couple more will definitely increase your survival chances.

Another great perk is the one that increases the max capacity of the inventory because the default space of the inventory may seem very little.

The same is the case with the stash slots. It will get very annoying when you are not able to store more loot in your stash.

I think I have advocated enough, but you get the point – this is pretty important! Another thing to keep in mind is that these perks can be leveled up thrice, each time giving more bonus.

Therefore, take your time maxing out each of them along with your campaign.

Armor Kit (1, 2, 3)
Increases the maximum Armor Kits you can carry up to a total of 6.

Grenades (1, 2, 3)
Increases grenades you can carry by 1 per perk.

Inventory (1, 2, 3)
Inventory capacity increased by 10, 20, 30 slots.

Stash (1, 2, 3)
Increases stash storage capacity by 20, 30, 50 slots.

Crafting Materials (1, 2, 3)
Material storage capacity increased 100, 250, 500 slots.

Resources (1, 2, 3)
Increase resource inventory by 50 per perk level.

Attachment Perks

These perks unlock the weapon attachments for your weapons. They can come in handy, especially as progressively the enemies get stronger.

There are 2 to 4 tiers to unlock for each perk, each one unlocks attachments for weapons with corresponding ammo types.

Magazine (1, 2, 3, 4)
It unlocks mags for belt-fed (1), 5.556 Assault-style weapons (2), 7.62 Assault-style weapons (3), and sidearms (4).

Muzzle (1, 2, 3, 4)
Unlocks muzzles for 5.56 caliber, 7.62 caliber, 9mm caliber, and .45 caliber.

Optics (1, 2)
Unlocks T2 Micro Red Dot Sight (1) and ACOG Scope (2).

Grip (1, 2)
Short Grip under barrel attachment (1) and compact coupled small laser pointer (2).

XP Perks

Consider them if you want to level up your character faster. Depending on your playstyle, unlock any or all of these.

Headshot Accolade
Headshot kills award XP bonus.

Multi-kill Accolade
Killing multiple enemies at the same time award an XP bonus.

Weakpoints Accolade
Kills triggered by destroying weakpoints award an XP bonus.

Tactical Kill Accolade
Kills triggered by destroying environment objects award an XP bonus.

Not dying for a long amount of time, solo or in a group, will award increasing XP bonuses.

Mission Perks

If the content in-game does not feel enough, you can open these perks. They will grant you overall two additional mission to keep you occupied along with giving you additional XP – striking 2 birds with one stone.

However, keep in mind, as the name suggests, these will not be a typical walk in the park.

Hard Bounties (Otis Sykes)
Get access to 1 Hard difficulty bounty per day.

Challenge Bounties
Get access to 1 Challenging difficulty bounty per day.

Optional Perks

The listed perks below, in my own opinion, should be an optional pick. It is just an opinion, as you might find a use for them because as I said at the beginning, that all of the perks are pretty sweet.

If you are a fan of crafting, then go for the “Deconstruction” perk. Getting extra crafting material can save you a bit of a grind.

I think the 3 loadouts are enough for one character but if still, you find the need for more loadouts, you can unlock more from the “Loadouts” perk.

The “Field Proficiency Cache” and “Signature Weapon Ammo” perks are both end-game perks and require Level 30 to unlock so you do not have to worry about it until after you are done with the Main Story.

Detection 1
Donating enough resources to the Control Points activates better detection of loot containers in a 20 m radius for 10 m.

Detection 2
Donating enough resources to the Control Points activates better detection of hostiles in a 20 m radius for 10 m.

Deconstruction (1, 2)
Deconstruction can yield extra Crafting Materials (1) and a chance for a rare material to be rewarded when deconstructing (2).

Field Proficiency Cache (Level 30)
50% chance for a bonus item to drop when opening a Field Proficiency Cache.

Loadouts (1, 2, 3)
New equipment loadouts unlock for total of 4, 5, 6.

Signature Weapon Ammo (Level 30)
Increases the amount of *Signature Weapon* ammo dropped.

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