The Division 2 Backpack Keychain Trophies Locations Guide

The Division 2 Keychain Locations Guide will help you learn all about finding all the Backpack Keychains Trophies in the game.

The Division 2 Backpack Keychain Trophies

In The Division 2, Backpack Keychains are special collectibles that you can hang on your backpack such as ornaments. These do not really add anything to your character but are a cute little visual perk.

A lot of them are hidden and mostly found in mission areas which you might not take the time to explore so we have prepared a guide that points you to the location of each Backpack Keychain Trophies.

1. Tiny Skeleton Keychain
This can be found in the morgue during the Campus Settlement Main Mission in DCD Headquarters. After you jump down the elevator shaft, explore the area to your left and you will find a human skeleton model with the keychain.

2. Space Shuttle Backpack Keychain
This is in the Air and Space Museum. Halfway through the mission, you will come across a crashed space shuttle about halfway through it. The keychain is on the ground around the cockpit.

3. Capitol Hill & Supply Crate Keychains
Capitol Hill Keychain is a reward for participating in the Beta and the supply crate one is for completing the Dark Zone East introduction mission during it. They can both be claimed through the “Grants” menu.

4. Plush Flower & Tommy the Teddy Bear Keychain
Upgrade the Campus Settlement twice to get the Plush Flower Keychain. Go past the band stage and you will find it in some sunflowers. Tommy the Teddy Bear is a preorder bonus for PC players so you will have to get it through the “Grants” menu.

5. Lincoln Bust Backpack Keychain
When you enter the museum during the Lincoln Memorial Main Mission, go into the left back corner where the cafe is. The keychain is on the ground between two souvenir shelves.

6. Plush Hippo & Speaker’s Gavel Keychain
Upgrade the Theater Settlement twice and you will find it on the roof. It goes for the gavel that you will get after saving President Ellis.

7. US Flag Keychain
This keychain can be obtained through Ubisoft Club after getting the Tier 4 Shield in the first game.

8. Gold Bar Keychain
Look a pile of money in the vault during the Bank Vault mission.

9. Space Shuttle Keychain
After the shuttle crashes through the roof of the Air and Space Museum, search the cockpit to find it.

10. Blood Vial Keychain
In the Outcast Stronghold, this keychain can be found in a dresser before you drop down to an underground tunnel.

11. Hunters Axe Keychain
You get this keychain along with a few other items open the Ivory Chest in the White House after you kill Hunter NPCs and collect 8 keys.

12. Armpatch and Dogtags
From killing the end boss of the True Sons Stronghold.