How to Unlock Dark Zones in The Division 2

There are 3 Dark Zones in The Division 2 i.e. DZ East, DZ South, and DZ West. We have prepared this Dark Zones Guide to help you unlock it step by step. In this TD2 Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about how to unlock Dark Zones in The Division 2 for high-tier loot and challenges.

The Division 2 Dark Zones

Recruit a Staff Member named Senait Ezera from the “Theater” settlement. She will become available automatically from Story Progression as you do missions. Then you can talk to her in the alleyway in the ground level of the settlement.

Talk to Senait Ezera on the top floor of the White House and she will give you a quest that leads to Dark Zone East’s main entrance.

Complete this quest. It is simple enough, as waypoints will guide your path. This quest acts as a sort of tutorial since you will have to open the gate to the DZ for the first time and extract a weapon.

It will end with you unlocking the full DZ East Map with all its entrances. You also get the next mission to the South Dark Zone.

DZ South is the smallest area so the focus is on close-quarters with a Shotgun or Submachine Gun. This unlocks DZ North mission that you should do next.

Each of these missions opens up a respective Dark Zone and is marked by a gate icon.

You can find some of the best loot in the game in Dark Zones. These missions act as little tutorials that teach how you to survive in them as you will encounter players there and enemies who are tougher than usual.

This makes extracting gear really risky but it’s worth the reward.