The Cycle: Frontier Toxic Glands Locations

Toxic Glands are one of rare materials in the game which can rather be dropped by blast ticks after you have done a certain questline for it. You need to do some groundwork in order to get your hands on Toxic Glands. This guide will show you The Cycle: Frontier Toxic Glands Locations and explain how to acquire them from ticks.

The Cycle: Frontier Toxic Glands Locations

Toxic Gland is mainly dropped from defeating Blast Ticks (RED) and Acid Ticks (GREEN). They are usually found in the rivers around the Swamp area.

Toxic Love, the questline for which you need these Toxic Glands, is given by Marie Gilbert – ICA Chief Procurement Officer. There are two parts to the questline, and they are relatively easy to do.

Toxic Love Part 1

You will start your quest by talking to Marie. She will ask you to go to Comms Tower in Bright Sands to stash Rare Data Drives and 8 Smoke Grenades. The stash drop location will be exactly behind the Comms Tower.

After you have done that, you will go back to Marie again and she will reward you with

  • 310 FP
  • 8 ICA Scrip
  • 8500 K-Marks

Toxic Love Part 2

Once part 1 of the questline has been completed you will move on to the next part of the questline. This part will be more of a delivery part rather than a stashing or anything. Starting off, you need to deliver 3 Toxic Glands, 10 Alloys, and 7 Hydraulic Pistons.

Just search around the map, particularly the swamp areas and the rivers and you will spot different types of Ticks. Run between Swamp Camp and Rock Pools to maximize your chances of finding Acid or Blast Ticks. Simply kill these creatures and loot them for Toxic Glands.

The Cycle Frontier Toxic Glands

Once you have delivered the required materials, you will be rewarded with

  • 380 FP
  • 11 ICA Scrip
  • 9400 K-Marks.

Where to find Alloys in The Cycle: Frontier

Alloys can be found in Dumpsters and industrial crates on both Bright Sands and Crescent Falls.

Where to Find Hydraulic Pistons in The Cycle: Frontier

Hydraulic Pistons are found in the Industrial Crates on both Bright Sands and Crescent Falls.

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