How To Sell Items In The Cycle: Frontier

Every planet that you visit in The Cycle: Frontier will be littered with all sorts of items. You will naturally be hoarding everything but only some of those items will prove useful in the bigger picture. The rest of the items (the ones you don’t need) can be sold for crucial credits in the game.

The following guide will show you how to sell items in The Cycle: Frontier. ,

How To Sell Items In The Cycle: Frontier

In the Cycle: Frontier, items can be sold on the faction markets, which can be accessed through the different vendors present at your base. Selling an item at a faction market will grant you faction points for that specific faction. These points can then be utilized to level up factions for the purpose of unlocking special items, consumables, weapons, and armor.

Following are the different faction markets located at your base in The Cycle: Frontier:

  • Osiris Market
  • Korolev Market
  • Ica Market

Go to any one of the vendors located in your base and choose the ‘Sell Items’ menu. From this menu, you can select the items that you want to sell. Selecting a single item will show the price it will sell for. Right-click or drag and drop the things you wish to sell into the sell column.

The total price for which your selected items will sell will appear, and you can then click ‘Sell’ to sell the products you have chosen. You can sell only 15 items in a single go, and you will get faction points and currency for selling items. Items of all types which are in your inventory can be sold at these faction markets.

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