The Cycle Frontier: Resin Gun Location

Resin Gun is an uncommon item that comes in “handy for sticking things together or providing flexible insulation” in The Cycle: Frontier.

Despite being an uncommon loot type, you may find it difficult to locate a Resin Gun on Fortuna. When you do find one though, hold on to it because you will either need to give them in for an upcoming mission or sell them for 750 K-Marks. You can also gain 8 faction points per Resin Gun to level up factions.

The following guide will show you where to find Resin Gun in The Cycle: Frontier.

The Cycle: Frontier Resin Gun Location

It is important to know beforehand that Resin Gun is abundantly found in Crescent Falls. The same cannot be said for Bright Sands where there are only small pockets to find Resin Gun and that too is at the mercy of chance.

You can find Resin Gun inside Coolers and Civilian Lockers. Coolers in Tier 2 areas have the highest 25.40% chance of containing a Resin Gun. Civilian Lockers have the overall lowest chance of containing a Resin Gun.

Bright Sands Resin Gun Locations

The best you can do on Bright Sands is to head to the Waterfall Lab in the north and the Jungle Camp in the west. These two locations will help you find a few Resin Guns but not enough to leave with full stacks.

Crescent Falls Resin Gun Locations

Pinnacle Labs and Nutrion Farms Warehouse in the top-right and top-left corners of Crescent Falls are the best locations to farm Resin Guns.

Favel and Nutrion Farms Processing in the south similarly have good amounts of Resin Guns to loot. You can also make your way to the outside forests of Greens Prospect in the center of the map for more Resin Guns.

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