The Cycle: Frontier Quarters Guide

Your Personal Quarters are more than just a private room for yourself in The Cycle: Frontier. They offer comfort and...

Your Personal Quarters are more than just a private room for yourself in The Cycle: Frontier. They offer comfort and leisure to forget the alien menace outside as well as a source of both income and upgrades.

Once you are in the lobby, take a left from the bar to come across a large sign that reads “Den Residences” in glowing, neon letters. From there, interact with the entrance to enter your Personal Quarters.

Your Personal Quarters are split into three points of interest. The first one is the cosmetic portion such as a bed, couch, kitchen, shower, and such; all of which have no impact on your character progression.

The other two portions of your Personal Quarters are however fairly important to understand. These are two terminals located on opposite ends of the room: the Income Generators and the Quarter Upgrades.

The following guide will detail both the Income Generators and the Quarter Upgrades to help you understand how to both earn income and upgrades in The Cycle: Frontier.

Personal Quarters: Income Generators

Income Generators partly function as a daily reward. They will continue to generate currency even if you are offline. Hence, make sure to collect your income every time you log into the game.

Interacting with the Income Generator will open up four tabs:

  • Aurum Generator
  • K-Marks Generator
  • Supply Crate
  • Insurance Package

Aurum Generator
This generates Aurum every single hour. It will, however, not be available at the start. You will have to unlock the Aurum Generator through Quarter Upgrades.

Aurum is a premium currency in the game, meaning that you can also purchase it with real-world currency. It is mainly used to purchase cosmetics, but you can also use Aurum in printing recipes and insuring gear.

K-Marks Generator
This generates K-Marks every single hour. You can increase the generation rate and amount through Quarter Upgrades.

K-Marks are the most basic currency in the game and are used pretty much everywhere. You can also earn K-Marks by completing quests and missions.

Supply Crate
This generates a Supply Crate every 24 hours that contains weapons, ammunition, gear, and consumables. The items are completely randomized and are based on the level of the Supply Crate which can be increased with Quarter Upgrades.

Insurance Package
This is where you either retrieve items that were insured or an amount of K-Marks for insured items that were lost upon death.

Twitch Drops
If you have linked your account with Twitch, you can receive Twitch Drops from here. You will have to watch Twitch streams from partnered streamers provided that they have enabled Twitch Drops.

Personal Quarters: Quarter Upgrades

Quarter Upgrades are what you will be normally looking for in your Personal Quarters. They provide you with three talent trees that you can upgrade for various, permanent improvements.

Generator Upgrades
This is where you can improve or increase the yields of your Income Generators. That includes the income from Aurum and K-Marks Generators and the quality of Supply Crates.

Inventory Upgrades
This is how you increase your inventory space for both Stash and Safe Pockets. Stash is your personal storage area at the Station. Safe Pockets are part of your character loadout and any items placed here will not be lost upon death.

Workbench Upgrades
This reduces the time it takes to research and install an upgrade. The initial few Quarter Upgrades take hours to install but the latter ones can take more than two or three days.

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