How To Pump Oil In The Cycle: Frontier

There are all sorts of resources waiting to be collected or harvested in The Cycle: Frontier. While souring the alien planet, you will come to discover oil deposits that you can collect to get rich. However, you will need to learn how to pump and collect all of that oil which is where this guide comes in.

The following guide will show you how to pump oil in The Cycle: Frontier.

How To Pump Oil In The Cycle: Frontier

There are several steps involved when it comes to pumping oil in the game. You are going to need an Oil Pump Beacon for starters. You then need to locate oil deposits in the game before pumping oil. In the final stretch, you may have to even defend your oil deposit.

Get An Oil Pump Beacon

You need to finish the “Back to Basics” questline of the ICA faction before being able to pump oil. The quest will also give you an Oil Pump Beacon as a reward upon completion.

You will, however, need more later on. Once you are done with the aforementioned quest, you will be able to craft an Oil Pump Beacon with 49,000 K-Marks, 12x Hydraulic Piston, 12x Aluminum Scrap, and 200x ICA Scrip.

Hydraulic Piston can be found in Industrial Crates with a higher spawn chance in Tier 3 areas. Aluminum Scrap can be found in Dumpsters and Civilian Lockers with a higher spawn chance in Tier 5 areas.

Crafting Oil Pump Beacons take a lot of time—2 hours and 30 minutes to be exact. However, each crafting will produce x5 Oil Pump Beacon instead of just one. That makes the wait worth it.

Find Oil Deposits

You will only find oil deposits on Crescent Falls. Head over to locations like Skeleton, Skeleton Observation Site, Pinnacle Labs, and Starport Warehouse; mainly the eastern part of the map.

The Cycle Frontier Pump Oil Locations

Search for large pitch-black rocks on the ground and then start mining them using a Pickaxe. Once the rock has been broken down, a geyser of oil will shoot from underneath.

The height of the geyser determines how much oil there is to collect. However, if nothing shoots out, the oil deposit is dry and you should move on.

Call Down A Pump

Once you are satisfied with an oil deposit, interact with the bubbling oil to place your Oil Pump Beacon that will in turn “Call Down A Pump” from the sky.

The pump will automatically be installed on the oil deposit to start pumping oil. Now, you must wait until the light on the pump flashes green. When you see the green light (or hear the beep), head over to collect a 1x NiC Oil Cannister, after which the pump will start filling up another cannister.

The number of NiC Oil Cannisters you can get per oil deposit depends on the deposit itself. You can get around 2x NiC Oil Cannisters on average from a good oil deposit but some players have been been able to pump up to 5x Oil Cannisters.

Note that you must pick up the filled Cannister from the pump for the pump to start filling another Cannister. When all of the oil has been collected, the pump will stop working and go offline.

Defend The Pump

The Oil Pump makes a tremendous amount of noise while pumping oil. Not to mention that when you call in the Oil Pump, chances are that nearby enemies have spotted your location. Whether they see or hear you, you will have to defend your oil deposit as it finishes pumping oil.

What To Do With Oil?

Like everywhere, oil is a very precious and expensive commodity in The Cycle: Frontier. 1x NiC Oil Cannister can be sold for 20,183 K-Marks as well as 202 Faction Points.

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