The Cycle: Frontier Monsters Guide

An adventure game is no fun if it doesn’t have any deadly monsters, which are hard to beat. Tricky monsters in an adventure game make the experience much more worth the effort. The Cycle: Frontier understands that and presents its players with a wide variety of monsters to deal with. This guide will explain in detail everything there is to know about every monster in The Cycle: Frontier.

The Cycle: Frontier Monsters

The Cycle: Frontier features a wide range of monsters that you will have to deal with while making your way through the rough terrain of an unknown world. Nothing is perfect and the same thing translates for the monsters in The Cycle: Frontier.

The monsters might seem dangerous and unbeatable at first but once you know enough about them, taking them down is a piece of cake. Every monster has a weakness, and you will need to exploit that weakness.

Below we have mentioned every possible monster in The Cycle: Frontier and everything you need to know about them to take them down.


This Hercules-looking monster is a big, heavy, and thick-armored monster with a giant health pool. Like most monsters, the crusher has two types of attacks. The first one is when you are in close proximity and the crusher will try to punch you.

The second one is used when you are a certain distance from the monster. The monster will gather a bunch of boulders and will launch them at you. This monster although has thick skin and armor but also has a few weaknesses.

The first weak spot is its ankles. If you shoot it at its ankles, it will stagger, and you can deal more damage when it’s down. The second weak spot is the upper portion of the spine which can hurt the monster a lot.

The Crusher will drop the following items.

  • Crusher Hide
  • Crusher Head
  • Crusher Flesh


These tiny green insects might not be that intelligent, but they sure can be deadly. The ticks are extremely conscious of their territory and don’t allow any prospect to come near it. They are always on the watch for enemies coming close to their area.

Once they locate a target, they will make a shrieking sound and will run towards you and upon closing the distance, it will detonate itself and when it explodes it will release a poisonous gas that will deal tons of damage.

Ticks are not hard to kill, all you have to do is to shoot them once and they will explode but be sure to shoot them at a distance from yourself, so you don’t get caught in the explosion.

The Ticks will drop the following items.


Rattler is a long-legged acid-spitting monster that doesn’t have much liking for a prospect and will start attacking at the first sight while screaming and telling all the others that there is an enemy in the area.

There are two types of attacks by a Rattler. The first one is a long-range attack where the monster will aim toward you and spit deadly toxic acid that will deal damage upon contact.

The second one is used when the distance is closed, and it will jump forward while trying to use its claws to cut open your skin. You can shoot it in the face or in the belly to kill it as these are the most sensitive spots.

The Rattler will drop the following items.

  • Rattler Skin
  • Rattler Eyes
  • Rattler Head


Strider looks like a mutant bird and like most birds, these creatures also attack in a pack. Alerting one will alert everyone else in the pack and they will all come at you together.

They are small and weak, but they are fast and can chase you down. They don’t have any special attacks aside from biting and scratching. They can be killed with a simple knife.

If you get overwhelmed by the sheer number of Striders, all you have to do is to jump on an elevated surface as they are unable to fly or jump.

A Strider will drop the following items.

  • Spinal Base
  • Strider Head
  • Strider Flesh
  • Charged Spinal Base


One of the most formidable monsters in the game is the Marauders. They are very deadly if not dealt with properly. They are quick on their feet, deadly has thick skin, and heavy armor, and don’t have a lot of weaknesses.

They get alerted if they see you or hear a gunshot. Once you have their attention, they will start running toward you while spitting acid at you and when they have closed the distance, they will start attacking you with their claws.

The melee attacks are quite powerful and deal a lot of damage. The only weakness they have is their mouth and more specifically their yellow chin. If you shoot it at its chin, it will stagger and that’s your moment to hurt it as much as you can.

The Marauder will drop the following items.

  • Hardened Bone Plates
  • Marauder Flesh
  • Marauder Head

Alpha Crusher

This is an evolved form of the Crusher. Alpha Crusher is stronger, faster, and has a thicker armor than a normal Crusher. The Alpha Crusher has the same attacks as the Crusher and also has the same weaknesses.

The Alpha Crusher will drop the following items.

  • Crusher Hide
  • Alpha Crusher Heart
  • Crusher Flesh
  • Alpha Crusher Skull

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