The Cycle Frontier: Hardened Metals Location

Hardened Metal is one of many types of crafting materials in The Cycle: Frontier that is needed to print armor...

Hardened Metal is one of many types of crafting materials in The Cycle: Frontier that is needed to print armor and weapons. The metal is also a necessary resource for upgrading purposes in the game. The following guide will show you where to find Hardened Metals in The Cycle: Frontier.

Hardened Metals are rather easy to find and cheap to sell. Consider them as a basic ingredient for printing needs. They only net you 150 K-Marks when selling and just 2 faction points when leveling up factions.

The Cycle: Frontier Hardened Metals Locations

Hardened Metals are one of the most basic items that you can find in The Cycle: Frontier. It is a common item and hence, can be found in abundance in structures and containers that litter the starting or Tier 1-2 areas of both maps.

Hardened Metals can be farmed from Dumpsters with a drop rate of 4-13%, Industrial Crate at 1-10% and Civilian Locker at 3-10% drop chance from the locations we have mentioned below.

Bright Sands Aluminum Scrap Locations

You can easily find Hardened Metal while looting any named POI on the map. The Dig Site in the north is a good location to start looting., The Abandoned Mine to the east of the Dig Site is a relatively small area but that will result in a quick yield.

The East Collection Point is probably the best location to farm Hardened Metal. The POI and its surrounding area encompass a lot of ground, so you’ll have to spend some time here.


Crescent Falls Aluminum Scrap Locations

You will find Hardened Metal in the higher Tiers of the map as well but with a lower spawn rate. The Greens Prospect area in the middle has a few good mining locations. The forest area on the west side of the Lakeside Building, just outside, is rich in Hardened Metal.

The best location to farm Hardened Metal though has to be Favela in the south, west of Lagoon. It is abundant in Hardened Metal and you can easily farm a few stacks in quick time.

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