The Cycle: Frontier Glowy Brightcap Mushroom Location

Glowy Brightcap Mushrooms are a rare resource that can only be found during a storm in The Cycle: Frontier. They are otherwise found as regular Brightcap Mushrooms in the same locations.

It should be noted that there are ways to survive storms on Fortuna but they are still dangerous enough to cause a ton of damage if players are not careful.

Glowy Brightcap Mushrooms are mainly used to print Restoration Helmets and Restoration Shields to increase your overall defenses. They are worth 506 K-Marks each and grant 5 faction points to help level up factions.

The following guide will show you where to find Glowy Brightcap Mushroom in The Cycle: Frontier.

The Cycle: Frontier Glowy Brightcap Mushroom Locations

Glowy Brightcap Mushrooms can only be found in jungles and around swamps in the game. They are also exclusive to the Bright Sands map. You will not find any Glowy Brightcap Mushroom in Crescent Falls.

This makes the job of harvesting them fairly easier because of the lower threat levels of Bright Sands.

Bright Sands Glowy Brightcap Mushroom Locations

There are mainly two areas rich in Glowy Brightcap Mushrooms. The first is the Jungle and the surrounding areas of the Crashed Ship in the western region of the map.

Take note that you can take shelter in the Crashed Ship during the storm. If your shields are low and you are running out of time, it is best that you retreat to the Crashed Ship to use as cover.

The second location to farm Glowy Brightcap Mushroom is the south-western region of the map. The Swamp Camp and Rock Pools are fairly rich in mushrooms. You don’t have to stray too far north from the swamps. Just plan a farming route between the Rock Pools and the Swamp Camp.

You can similarly use the Power Plant in the area to use as cover during the storm.

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