How To Survive Storms In The Cycle: Frontier

Storms occasionally occur during a raid in any of the maps in The Cycle: Frontier. You’ll be notified by the game whenever a storm is imminent through a message on top of the screen, indicating you to find a safe spot. The following guide will show you how to survive a storm in The Cycle: Frontier.

How To Survive Storms In The Cycle: Frontier

Whenever a storm is approaching, there will be two notifications. You’ll receive one notification when the storm is due to occur in 5 minutes and another when it’s due in 1 minute. Multiple storms can also occur during a single raid, so you should be on the lookout for any notifications that prompt up.

Staying in contact with the storm will result in you taking constant damage. They can sometimes be powerful enough to kill you, but can also be fought through. It’s up to you though if you want to keep weathering the storm.

Surviving a storm in The Cycle: Frontier requires you to quickly find some shelter like a roof or a shed. However, if there are no shelters nearby, your only option left to survive the storm will be to be constantly on the move.

Take note that being stuck in a storm will prove lethal. An area of red electricity will appear under your feet and deal damage to you. There is a time delay of about 15-25 seconds during two successive electric shocks though, which you can use to heal up and keep moving.

It is however recommended to stay within shelter throughout the storm, but if you’re willing to risk it, then it’s better to keep moving throughout and use occasional shelters you find to heal up.

Raiding throughout the storm can offer a lot of benefits. During the storm, new players cannot join or leave the map/raid, giving you a lot of time to loot because most of the players will either be hiding or not even on the map at all because they cannot join. The mobs that spawn during a storm also offer better loot, especially the Marauders.

Hence, there is actually a reason to keep moving forward instead of waiting out the storm.

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