The Cycle: Frontier Explosive Delivery Quest Guide

The Cycle: Frontier isn’t just about looting and killing monsters. Thanks to The Cycle’s faction system, players can also take on various quests and tasks to help out each faction and improve their standing. One such quest in The Cycle: Frontier, Explosive Delivery, assigned by Emmanuel, the lead researcher at Osiris, will have players searching for Derelict Explosives.

If you are struggling to find these Derelict Explosives, our Explosive Delivery quest guide here will help you out in completing this task for Emmanuel.

The Cycle: Frontier Explosive Delivery Quest

The Explosive Delivery quest in The Cycle is divided into two parts which will have players scavenging.

Explosive Delivery Quest Part 1

The first part of Explosive Delivery Quest in The Cycle: Frontier is very easy.

You can complete the first part this objective by delivering 6 Derelict Explosives. To find Derelict Explosives,  simply head to Green’s Prospect on the Crescent Falls map. Derelict Explosives spawn at a higher rate in Green Prospect.

You can also find them in Dumpsters and Weapon Crates. But you’ll have to keep on looking for them if you want to find them in dumpsters.


After completing the first part of the Explosive Delivery Quest, you will receive the following rewards:

  • 600 FP
  • x19 Osiris Scrip
  • x11000 Krypto Marks

Explosive Delivery Quest Part 2

The second part of Explosive Delivery Quest is also very straightforward. The objective of this part of Explosive Delivery quest is to find the Frozen Scientist.

To find the Frozen Scientist, head to the Crescent Falls map again. The Frozen Scientist can be found to the northeast, inside Pinnacle Labs.


You will receive the following rewards upon completion of this Objective:

  • 750 FP
  • x26 Osiris SCRIP
  • x10000 Krypto Marks

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