The Cycle: Frontier Derelict Explosives Location

Soon after you begin your The Cycle: Frontier journey, you’ll realize that collecting resources around the open world is mandatory as most of them serve survival purposes. Derelict Explosives are one of the many essential items that must be picked up; however, they are rare and have only a few locations where they spawn. This guide will cover the locations where you can find Derelict Explosives in The Cycle: Frontier and its spawn rates.

Every Derelict Explosive weighs 5 units, and every stack will hold 10 Derelict Explosives.

The Cycle: Frontier Derelict Explosives Location

Derelict Explosives are rare materials in The Cycle: Frontier, and annoyingly they are very scarce on the game map. Many players have complained about not finding it anywhere in different locations and generally having fewer spawn rates. However, after much playing around and surveilling different areas, we’ve found some places where you can find these rare items.

One of the most common places to find this item is by visiting the Dumpsters within high danger areas. These have the highest spawn rates as Dumpsters from tier 5 provide you with a spawn rate of 5.13% day and night, whereas Dumpsters from tier 4 provide you with a spawn rate of 4.36% day and night.

Moreover, you can also find them in Hidden Stashes located at a few distances from each Dumpster with a spawn rate of 0.56% on tier 5 whereas 0.55% spawn rate on tier 4.

These can be handy while dealing with mobs of enemies and generally getting rid of monsters and bigger foes. Therefore, picking them up and having them in your inventory will always be great as you can use them anytime you face some unfavorable situation.

Bright Sands Derelict Explosives Locations

Starting with our first map, Bright Sands has significantly lower spawn rates of Derelict Explosives, and there are only two concentration areas where you can find these from. However, that does not mean you can miss it, as these explosives are already rare, so take every chance to pick them up from wherever you can.


The areas include Dumpsters and Hidden Stashs nearby the Jungle Camp. You can also find a few of the explosives towards the Dig Site.

Crescent Fall Derelict Explosives Locations

Unlike Bright Sands, you’ll find a decent amount of Derelict Explosives on the Crescent Fall map. The map is much more vast; therefore, the chances of acquiring this item from this map are higher.

Crescent Fall Derelict Explosives Locations

The areas include  Dumpsters and Hidden Stashs nearby the Green Prospects, Lakeside Building, Base Camp Power Up Room, Geothermal Plant, Favela, Nutrition Farm Processing, Nutrition Farm Warehouse, Starport Warehouse, Oasis, and Pinnacle Labs.

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