The Cycle: Frontier Electronic Cables Locations

Electronic Cables are a common but extremely useful resource to find in The Cycle: Frontier.

You will firstly need a lot of Electronic Cables to upgrade your personal quarters. You will also need them in printing recipes such as to craft an audio decoy to distract enemies and creatures.

Electronic Cables on their own are pretty cheap. You can only earn 150 K-Marks from selling them and 2 faction points for leveling up factions.

The following guide will show you all of the locations from where to loot Electronic Cables in The Cycle: Frontier.

The Cycle: Frontier Electronic Cables Location

Electronic Cables can be found in Cabinets, Luggage, and Briefcases. Cabinets have the highest chance of containing Electronic Cables. They vary from 17.07 to 11.36% between Tier 2 and Tier 5 areas respectively.

Bright Sands Electronic Cables Locations

Begin your search in the Base Camp at the center of the map. From there you can head to the Waterfall Lab in the top-right corner or the Jungle Camp in the top-left corner of the map to farm Electronic Cables.

The Comms Tower in the west and the Rock Pools right below also have a good chance of letting you loot Electronic Cables.

Crescent Falls Electronic Cable Locations

You will not have to stray far to bag several stacks of Electronic Cables in Crescent Falls. The Greens Prospect and its outside forest area, going all the way north, are loaded with them.

You can also head to the Starport Warehouse in the east and the Pinnacle Labs in the top-right corner of the map for a good yield.

Favela in the south similarly is a good source of Electronic Cables. If you are here, follow the border to the east for the little camp in the forest for more cables.

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