The Cycle: Frontier Dustbloom Location

Raw material is hard to find in The Cycle: Frontier. Some can be found all around the map, some are only found in specific locations in the game. This guide will help you find Dustbloom in The Cycle: Frontier.

Dustbloom is an Epic rarity plant that can either be sold for 769 K-Marks, traded for 8 Faction Points or used to craft Backpack.

The Cycle: Frontier Dustbloom Locations

In The Cycle: Frontier, Dustbloom is a vibrant purple flower found only in the arid areas of the world. Being a plant, it naturally grows in the open areas instead of being found inside containers.

To harvest Dustbloom, all you need to do is look for it in the arid areas of both maps. If you are looking to craft an Epic Backpack for your character, you will need plenty of Dustbloom.

Bright Sands Dustbloom Locations

In Bright Sands, Dustbloom is found only in one spot, around the Waterfall Lab. There is an abundance of Dustbloom plants all around the lake in that area.

Bright Sands Dustbloom Locations

For better yields, look around the northern part of the lake to get a high amount of easy Dustbloom in a single run.

Crescent Falls Dustbloom Locations

Dustbloom is found in the northeastern corner of the Crescent Falls map, around the Pinnacle Labs. You can find Dustbloom here starting from the north of Starport Warehouse all the way to the Pinnacle Labs.

Crescent Falls Dustbloom Locations

Dustbloom can also be found around Oasis on Crescent Falls.

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