The Cycle: Frontier Combat Ready Quest Guide

Just as the title says, the "Combat Ready" questline will get you combat-ready in The Cycle: Frontier. You can start...

Just as the title says, the “Combat Ready” questline will get you combat-ready in The Cycle: Frontier.

You can start the quest by speaking with Emmanuel Sullivan, the chief and lead researcher of Osiris. This will be another quest to help you raise your standing with the Osiris faction and unlock its faction rewards.

The Cycle: Frontier Combat Ready Quest

Combat Ready Quest Part 1

In the first part of the quest, you must hunt down 1x Crusher and deliver 1x Crusher Flesh.

You naturally need to kill a Crusher for its Crusher Flesh. Prepare a good loadout with a good weapon and head out to the Crescent Falls map. You can easily find a few Crushers at the Starport Warehouse and the western entrance of the Pinnacle Labs.


  • 2,300 FP
  • 117x Osiris Scrip
  • 20,000x K-Marks

Combat Ready Quest Part 2

Following the dangerous hunt, you must now dial it down by making a few deliveries. The second part of the quest tasks you to deliver 1x Portable Lab, 10x Glowy Brightcap Mushrooms, and 5x Medical Supplies.

You can find Portable Labs inside Briefcases and Cabinets and across medical areas. Crescent Falls has them with a greater spawn rate. On Bright Sands, you can head out to the Crashed Ship to loot a few Portable Labs.

Medical Cases can spawn Medical Supplies, and Waterfall Labs and Vaccine Labs are good places to look for them.

Finally, Glowy Brightcap Mushrooms. They are going to be a bit difficult to loot because you can only find Glowy Brightcap Mushrooms during a storm. Head out to the Swamp and the Jungle areas on Bright Sands during a storm to find them.


  • 2,800 FP
  • 158 Osiris SCRIP
  • 22,000 K-Marks

Combat Ready Quest Part 3

Your final task in the questline is to deliver 8x Dustblooms. These are relatively easier to find. Just make your way to the Pinnacle Labs and the Starport Warehouse on Crescent Falls.


  • 2,800 FP
  • 158x Osiris SCRIP
  • 22,000x Krypto Marks

Combat Ready Quest Rewards

Your reward for completing the questline will be x10 Combat Stims to help heal during encounters and the ability to purchase Combat Stims from the shop.

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