The Crew Golden Plates Codes – How to Unlock Reward Cars

Golden Plates Challenge Codes can be redeemed into Xbox Live, Playstation Network, or Uplay. These codes will entitle players to win various cool in-game rewards in Ubisoft’s CarPG, The Crew.

For more information on Golden Plate Challenge Codes, check out The Crew’s official weblog.

As of this instant, there are a fistful of codes that have been discovered. Read on to find a list of working Golden Plates Challenge Codes:

  • 6M9E4A4U
  • 9G7Q4K5G
  • 2D2H5M7W
  • 8C8T2F7L
  • 7M2F4E7K
  • 7F3A7C6F
  • 9P8E9G3H
  • 9P8W9T4T
  • 9S7H9W5Y
  • 4T4R6X6X
  • 9K3H5N3F
  • 3W2J7W2B

If there are some more codes that you have discovered. Do share them with us in the comments below!

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