The Ascent Arcology Blues Walkthrough

We will be covering The Ascent’s Arcology Blues mission in this Walkthrough. This is the prologue of The Ascent, so...

We will be covering The Ascent’s Arcology Blues mission in this Walkthrough. This is the prologue of The Ascent, so all of the mechanics will be new for you. But, worry not as we will help you swiftly complete all of the objectives in The Ascent Arcology Blues mission, as well as defeat Papa Feral at the end.

The Ascent Arcology Blues

Throughout the Arcology Blues mission, you’ll have to complete two tasks and then defeat Papa Feral at the end of the level. Our goal here is to help you go through the level without any inconveniences and collect all of the collectibles as well. As an Indent, the first order of business for you will be Rebooting the SI.

Reboot the SI

The first mission of The Ascent starts with you doing odd jobs. Move towards the end of the corridor as soon as you gain control of your character. This is a good time to get used to the movements. When you reach the end, turn right and go down the stairs. You’ll be continuously receiving instructions on the radio.

There is a small room on your left that has a Datapad and a few uCreds as well. Hop in and collect those and then keep moving forward. As you move towards the right side, you will reach a tunnel entrance. Enter this tunnel by crouching and come out from the other side.

Keep moving forward until you see a chest icon on your minimap. These will appear very frequently in The Ascent. This chest is not acquirable at that time. You will come across a green console, interact with it, and shut down the holofield blocking your path. You need to keep moving forward and disable the second holofield as well. After that, you need to talk to Trummer and then move on to the next objective.

Investigate the SI Shutdown

Head left after finishing your discussion with Trummer, and then you will learn the hacking mechanics of The Ascent. Basically, the game allows you to hack almost every yellow object on the map. There are a few exceptions, of course. Some objects require CyberDeck upgrades to be hacked.

After that, you need to mow down a group of ferals. You have to stay on the move and keep dodging during combat. Deal with them and keep going forward.

You will be taught how to shoot vertically in the next encounter. Shooting enemies who are at a higher position than you can inflict higher stagger on them. Cleanse the area and then go towards the center console and figure out why the SI Shutdown occurred.

After that, Poone will give you a new set of orders to complete. These new objectives are:

  • Purge Memory Banks
  • Replace Interface Circuitry

Activate the Console

Move through the tunnel and kill the ferals on the other side. After that, the mission becomes a bit more open with its approach. You can go either left or right and continue fighting ferals. Reach the console area and defeat the nearby enemies to activate the console.

You need to keep heading towards the lower right and then go left until you reach a place with crates all around you. This is where you’ll encounter a new enemy type; Turbo Thug enemies. You can easily get the first strike on them and finish em off quickly.

There are a few valuable items in this area, including an SMG and a red chest with armor in it. Collect everything, and then activate the terminal on your left.

Reach the SI Terminal

Now, you need to move forward until you cross a staircase and clear a few feral mobs. The newly acquired SMG should make quick work of the enemies. Then you will reach the place where Trummer was, but from a different side.

Move past him and head towards the SI Terminal. Once you reach the terminal, turn it back on and complete your objective.

Escape the DeepStink

Now, you need to head out of the Waste Disposal and do that. You need to turn off the forcefield door located in the lower left of the SI console you rebooted a few moments ago.

Go through the raised walkway and pick up the yellow Shockwave grenade from the ground. You can use it in a few different ways to stun and halt aggressive enemy types.

Follow this path and keep clearing feral mobs until you reach a large room with a circular design.

This is where you’ll be fighting a large wave of enemies. So, stay on your toes and keep using the grenade and SMG according to the situation. Clear the area and then head towards the lower left side of the room.

There is a chest on your path that contains a few uCreds. This is where you should fully heal yourself and stack up on any healing items you’ve left behind because the Papa Feral boss fight is here.

Defeat Papa Feral

Once the fight starts, Papa Feral will rely on his minions to corner you and drop your health. The best strategy here will be taking down the minions before damaging Papa Feral. Once you clear all of the minions, more will spawn, so be ready for that.

Papa Feral will attack you with various attacks. These include charge attacks and ranged attacks as well. You have to dodge them with decent timing to avoid taking damage.

His rocket attack can send you flying if you are not careful. Both his dash attack and rocket barrage start with a scream, so get ready to dodge and roll as soon as you hear a scream.

Killing the minions will also grant you some consumables. So, the situation should be under control for the most part. Keep hammering him in between his attacks, and eventually, Papa Feral will be defeated.

After the fight is over, spend a good minute scanning the room for any dropped consumables and other rewards. Then go through the forcefield door and loot any chests along the way as well.

You will also find a Hydraulic Slam Augmentation Module. These modules are swappable and further enhance your character. This Hydraulic slam lets you hit your enemies with a fire punch that inflicts decent damage.

Figuring out what happened

You need to keep moving forward and collect anything and everything along the way. You will also face a few feral mobs, which will serve as an ideal time to test your newly acquired fire punch module. You will eventually get out of the Waste Disposal and reach Cluster 13.

Keep moving forward from the circular room until you reach the main area, called Warrens. Explore the area a bit and then come back to the entrance of Cluster 13.

You need to go left and figure out what exactly happened here. You will find out that The Ascent group has defaulted, and all of their workers and owned assets are in a freefall. This obviously, includes you as well.

You need to go north and then turn left towards the Morgue. Once you cross the Morgue, keep moving forward until you reach the holographic news terminal. You need to hear Poone and Abbot’s speech to know what’s going on.

This will finish the Arcology Blues prologue of The Ascent and open many different paths for you, including main story missions like Mutual Dependencies and side missions as well. You should focus on the main questline early on until you acquire more abilities and weapons.

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