Temtem Oceara Locations, How to Catch, Evolve and Stats

Learn how to capture Oceara in Temtem once you know all about its locations and how the abilities can benefit you in combat

Oceara is an extremely rare Quadrupedal Temtem and has a very impressive Defense and Attack. In this guide, we will give you all the required Temtem Oceara Locations, How to Catch, Evolve and Stats information.

Temtem Oceara Locations, How to Catch, Evolve and Stats

Having a violet color on the top half of its head, neck and on half of its back, this Temtem has a beautiful dark pale violet on its front too.

This beautiful Temtem is also a form of a Unicorn as it has a small white horn on the front of his face, above the nose.

But the uniqueness doesn’t end here, there is a beautiful thick white fur covering it tail too which make it look prettier and rare.

How to Catch Oceara
If you are looking to catch a beautiful Oceara, you should surely be heading towards the Aguamarina Caves in the island of Deniz.

As the Temtem is extremely rare, you would have to spend a lot more time than you can imagine in the area of Oceara – if you are not that lucky. However, once you have completed a few circles around the whole Aguamarina Caves, you will be very much near to finding and taming Oceara.

Until yet, the Oceara is not known as a Temtem that can be evolved into another form or another Temtem.

Base Stats
Oceara has a very impressive Attack, followed by the Defense once you are between level 50 and level 100. The stats are as follow:

  • HP: 64
  • STA: 43
  • SPD: 100
  • ATK: 54
  • DEF: 51
  • SPATK: 110
  • SPDEF: 65

Oceara Techniques
There are a total of 7 techniques that an Oceara can learn as you level up in the game.

A kick of Neutral type that deals 32 damage

Aquatic Whirlwing
A special class Water-type ability to deal 130 damage.

High Pressure Water
A Special class Water type ability to deal 50 damage.

Ice Shurikan
A physical class Water type ability which deals 60 damage. It turns Cold for 2 turns.

A Special Class Water type technique to deal 70 damage. A gives Wind synergy for 3 turns.

A Special class Wind type technique which deals 120 damage.

An Earth and Water type Status class technique which need 22 stamina.

Oceara has some good traits with Water and Poisoned types of moves.

The first of them is the Hydrologist trait. With this trait, Oceara gives +15% damage with Water Techniques.

The second is the Mithridatism. This trait prevents the Poisoned Status condition.

So in a nutshell, Oceara is a unique kind of Temtem and catching one is no less than a fortune. So head towards the Aguamarina Caves now to get this rare and beautiful beast.