Temtem Nessla Locations, How to Catch, Evolve and Stats

Nessla’s are massive, eel-like aquatic Temtem, which have red eyes and a blue body. This guide will give you Temtem Nessla Locations, How to Catch, Evolve and Stats information.

Temtem Nessla Locations, How to Catch, Evolve and Stats

Nessla are a mix of Water and Electric type, which is an absolutely lethal combination. They are found in open waters, where their electric attacks are most powerful.

This guide contains all the information you need to know about Nessla, which will help you catch it much more easily.

Nessla Location
As of right now, there are two locations where you can encounter a Nessla. The first one is the Thalassian Cliffs on Island Deniz, and the second one is the Sillaro River on the same island.

Their spawn rate is very low, and they usually spawn at around level 15-18.

Nessla currently has no evolutions. The base form is its final form.


Nessla has two known traits: Electric Synthesize and Hydrologist.

Electric Synthesize: When Nessla is receives damage through an Electric attack, the damage inflicted by the attack is turned into HP for Nessla.

Hydrologist: When using Water techniques, Nessla’s damage is boosted by 15%.

Nessla has the following base stats, stats at level 50 and at level 100

Stat Base At Level 50 At Level 100
HP 45 107-205 200-397
STA 58 42-84 64-149
SPD 66 60-140 110-272
ATK 76 67-149 125-289
DEF 50 48-127 86-245
SPATK 70 63-144 116-279
SPDEF 72 64-146 119-282

The following techniques are acquired as Nessla levels up

Level Name Class Type Hold Stamina Damage Priority
1 Bubbles Special Water 0 5 27 Normal
4 Water Blade Special Water 0 10 52 Low
6 Chain Lightning Special Electric 0 15 48 Normal
9 Sparks Status Electric 0 5 Normal
13 Strangle Physical Neutral 0 11 25 Very Low
16 Tesla Prison Special Electric 0 12 50 Normal
24 Stare Status Mental 0 4 Normal
30 Iced Stalactite Physical Water 1 22 82 Normal
44 Electric Storm Special Electric 1 26 76 Normal

Techniques Acquired from Technique Courses

Level Name Class Type Hold Stamina Damage Priority
4 Wake Up Neutral Physical 0 1 Very High
12 Rend Neutral Special 2 22 50 Normal

Type Defense
The Type Defense of Nessla against each type of Temtem governs how much damage it takes from that specific type.

  • Neutral: 1x damage.
  • Fire: 0.5x damage.
  • Water: 0.5x damage.
  • Nature: 2x damage.
  • Electric: 1x damage.
  • Earth: 1x damage.
  • Mental: 1x damage.
  • Wind: 0.5x damage.
  • Digital: 1x damage.
  • Melee: 1x damage.
  • Crystal: 2x damage.
  • Toxic: 2x damage.