How To Beat Murdag In Temtem Lochburg Dojo

Lochburg Dojo is the seventh dojo in Temtem and this one is not so different from the ones you have completed before. Lochburg Dojo is where you will face Murdag and her Melee and Electric type Temtem. This guide will provide everything you need to know about how you can successfully get to the Dojo Master and beat Murdag.

How to reach Lochburg Dojo

Reaching the Lochburg Dojo is not tough at all because there is no initial puzzle or quest to reach inside the dojo but once you are inside, that is where the real work begins.

You will enter a sparring contest with a lot of tamers at the Lochburg dojo before you can take on Murdag – the leader of the dojo. Each next tamer will be harder than the last one and you can’t quit once you have started the battles also you cannot heal in between battles so make sure to prepare beforehand.

Murdag’s Temtem

You will be facing Murdag, the leader of the Lochburg Dojo and she will be using the following Temtem in the battle against you.

  • Maoala (Level 64)
  • Skunch (Level 64)
  • Magmut (Level 64)
  • Grumper (Level 67)
  • Monkko (Level 70)
  • Golzy (Level 75)

Best Temtem to beat Murdag

From the above lineup of Temtem we can that Murdag is mostly using Melee and Electric type Temtem so if we want a chance to beat this dojo leader, we have to counter that by taking more Digital and Earth type Temtem.

Digital beats Melee and Earth beats Electric. For your lineup, you should take Zaobian so that you have an easier time defeating the melee type Temtem and for the electric type you should take Grumper with you which is a strong earth type Temtem.


Along with both of them, you might also want to take Wolffy which is an overall strong Temtem and can stand long and tough battles. The rest is up to you and you can pick the ones you are most comfortable with although we also recommend Kinu.

How to defeat Murdag in Temtem Lochburg Dojo

If you have been messing around and taking on quests left and right, your Temtem will be much higher level than the initial Temtem that Murdag will send your way and you make your way through the battle with a breeze.

The battle will start and Murdag will send Maoala and Skunch into the battle and you should send your Wolfy and Kinu against them just because they are an overall great Temtem. If your Temtem are level 70 and above, then this battle will be over very soon.

When the battle starts, use your Beta Burst against Skunch and if your level is high enough, one shot will be enough to take it down, and if not don’t worry because the next shot will for sure take it down.

Now the third Temtem that will land in the battle is Magmut. You can again take down Magmut by first using Beta Burst and then using Wolfy to launch a Dust Vortex that will be enough to take this one down.

The next Temtem coming from Murdag will be Monkko and once again if you want to keep going with the same strategy, you can start by using Beta Burst against it and it will also go down in one or two attacks.

Then comes Grumper and if your team has enough energy, you can keep going with the same duo but if not, you can change one of your Temtem with either Zaobian or Grumper.

If you have a water-type Temtem then you can use that against the Grumper and that should do the trick. Finally, the last two standing Temtem will be Golzy and Moala both of them should be easy enough to take down.

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