Temtem Liberate Matthew Quest Guide

Once you have completed the Quetzal Dojo, you are going to unlock various quests. The quests are going to help you progress further in the story. One of the quests is to Liberate Matthew. This guide will help you complete the Temtem Liberate Matthew Quest.

Temtem Liberate Matthew Quest

Do not forget to grab the acid-proof surfboard from the Beached Narwhal quest as you are going to require it in this quest.

The Liberate Matthew main quest starts when you visit the prison you broke out from and interact with Captain Koli to get information about One-Eyed Matthew.

Captain Koli has a condition that you have to fulfill so you can release Matthew. He is going to give you a task in which he asks you to uncover an ancient icon from a rocky island in Xolot Reservoir.

Once the interaction ends, you have to make your way towards Tucma and here you are going to use your acid-proof surfboard.

You are soon going to come across Naolin and you would have to interact with him in order to initiate a battle with him. When you defeat him in the battle, you are going to learn about the location you are moving towards.


To receive the Ancient Idol you have to defeat the two renegade guards which you will encounter on your way.

Once you have your hands on the Ancient Idol, go back to Captain Koli, to the prison, and give him the treasure.

Now the Captain is going to free Matthew who is going to inform you that he is heading back to Narwhal.

Once this is done, you have completed your Liberate Mathew main quest. If you have completed all three main quests then speak with Captain Magda in the Quetzal airport.

He is going to show you the way to Manki with whom you will learn Rock Hop.