Temtem Adventure in the Myrisles Quest Guide

After leaving the Narwhal at the end of Flight of the Narwhal quest, you will start your journey on the Myrisles with a lot of new enemies to take on. For a complete Temtem Adventure in the Myrisles quest guide, keep reading this guide.

Temtem Adventure in the Myrisles Quest

Before heading forward let us tell you about the bosses you will have to face as your adventures proceed towards the end.

At first you will have to fight with Rawiri who is a Dojo leader and then you will have a face off with Dr.Hamijo, Clan Belsoto’s Executive.

The next boss to worry about is Tihani, another Dojo leader. These are the bosses you must be prepared for if you want the adventure to be in your favor.

Now coming to the objectives, first of all you should go to Mokupuni where you will find Rawiri. When you are in Nanga head west and go through The Canopath to reach his location.

Now you have to best him and get the Lift key from him to proceed ahead.

Your next adventure is to investigate about things happening in Giant Banyan for which you will use the lift just outside Mokupuni Dojo and it will take you to Citerior Omninesia.

Find your way to the Giant Banyan and speak to Carlos who is hiding just outside the entrance to Great Banyan

Now is the time for setting an ambush against Belsotos. After getting the signed authorization from Carlos return to the life and take it to Ulterior Omninesia.

Now follow the Hangroad until you reach the pond where you will find the Belostos Grunt uniform. Wear the Uniform and meet Carlos again in Great Banyan

Time to Infiltrate the Giant Banyan! Carlos will give you the crystal skates which will help you in clearing the area. Approach the Belsotos guarding the area and talk to them and then fight your way to the end of Great Banyan.

The next objective is to reach the Anak Volcano and stopping the eruption.

For this head back to Ulterior Omninesia only this time you can go faster as you have crystal skates! Finally Dr. Hamijo is going to get what he deserves for his evil plan!

So reach Anak and fight your way through the Volcano. You should also release Anahir before leaving so he joins your party.

Tihani is the last boss to worry about so head back to Nanga where you will meet Tihani and upon defeating her she will give you a Deendre. Finally fly to Kisiwa on Narwhal to end your adventure!