Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Makurukis Shrine Walkthrough

While most different Shrines in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom make you solve a puzzle to complete it, the Makurukis Shrine brings forth a challenge that tests your skills with your handy bow.

Completing the trial in the Makurukis Shrine will give you a great reward that you really cannot afford to miss! Therefore, out of all the Shrine locations in Zelda, going through the trouble of finding this one is definitely worth it.

Although the trial put forward in this Shrine is pretty straightforward, the main problem is locating and navigating to the Makurukis Shrine in Zelda: TotK.

Where to find the Makurukis Shrine in Zelda: TotK

Makurukis Shrine map location in Tears of the Kingdom

The Makurukis Shrine is found in the southwestern parts of the Hyrule Ridge Region – specifically, on the southwestern edge of Mount Rhoam.

This mountain is southwest of Lindor’s Brow Skyview Tower and right to the northwest of the Tabantha Bridge Stable, which is the closest point of interest to this shrine.

The coordinates of the exact location of the Makurukis Shrine is as follows:

  • X: -2847
  • Y: 0629
  • Z: 0233

The easiest way to reach the Makurukis Shrine would be to start from the Sinakawak Shrine, which is located in the New Serenne Stable. From that shrine, make your way across the path leading left.

Not far along the way, you’ll see a huge hill with a path connecting to yours at the base of it. Take a left from that path and make your way forwards. Then, as you arrive at the hill and cross the rocks by taking a right, you’ll come across a fork in your path at greener pastures.

From the fork, take the path leading right and make your way forwards until you reach a bunch of tall trees separated by a distance. From there, move right and climb the green hill.

As you are climbing the hill, you should see some rocks at the edge. Make your way over to the rocks and take a left. Not far along that way, you should see the Makurukis Shrine in front of you.

After entering the Makurukis Shrine, you will be put up with the “Combat Training: Archery” trial.

How to complete the Makurukis Shrine in Zelda: TotK

The trial put forward by the Makurukis Shrine, the “Combat Training: Archery” is pretty self-explanatory. The Makurukis Shrine trial’s solution lies in destroying a couple of Constructs by hitting them with arrows.

Now that you know what awaits, bring your best bow with you and make your way forward into the Shrine. Inside the arena, you will find a stationary target and a bow, along with x20 Arrows.

Grab the bow and arrows; aim at the enemy’s head, and fire! You will be given clear instructions on how to use the bow in-game.

  1. Press and hold ZR
  2. Release ZR

Do keep in mind that the enemy can fire projectiles at you, so always be ready to dodge. Once you hit the head of the enemy on the head, two more will appear in the back.

This time, then enemies will start to move, and you will be tasked to make a critical hit to kill them. Although you have to be relatively more mobile in this case, the task is still fairly easy. All you have to do is fire your arrows at the enemy’s heads to kill them.

Once you defeat all of the Constructs in the area, the door to the innermost chamber will open. After grabbing all the loot in this area, including the Zonai Charges, make your way into the innermost chamber.

Right In front of you should be a treasure chest that contains the Strong Construct Bow (11 Strength). Right behind the treasure chest is the altar, which you can interact with to receive the Light of Blessing.