Karahatag Shrine Walkthrough In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

The Karahatag Shrine puzzle requires you to use torches in a specific manner to open the locked gates in Tears of the Kingdom.

Aside from the Light of Blessing, which is a standard reward in all Shrines of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the Karahatag Shrine also gives you special, hidden rewards for your efforts.

The effort you have to put in is mainly finding the Karahatag Shrine and solving its puzzle, although these tasks are very easy to do compared to the rest of the Shrines.

That said, finding the Karahatag Shrine as early as possible may be a good move to get your hands on an amazing reward.

Remember that there are up to 152 Zelda: TotK Shrine map locations for you to find over the course of your progression.

Where to find the Karahatag Shrine in Zelda: TotK

Karahatag Shrine map location in Tears of the Kingdom

The Karahatag Shrine is located at the southern end of the Gerudo Desert Region. The coordinates of its location are given below:

  • X: -3726
  • Y: 3625
  • Z:  0043

While the coordinates themselves are more than enough to pinpoint the exact location of the Karahatag Shrine, you can also use a couple of points of interest as a reference.

Not far along in the southwest direction of the Karahatag Shrine is the Irasak Shrine. Just north of it in Guredo Town is the Soryotanog Shrine, and to its northeast is the Chichim Shrine. Additionally, you can also find the Lightning Temple to the Shrine’s west.

To reach the Karahatag Shrine, the best option would be to start from the Soryotanog Shrine in Guredo Town in the north. Get to a high point and jump off, gliding in the southern direction.

Not far into the distance, you should see a large rock with a couple of trees and a water body – the Southern Oasis.

The Karahatag Shrine is located at the top of this rock, fairly in the center of it. Once you locate it, it is time to head inside and start working on the puzzle.

How to solve the Karahatag Shrine puzzle in Zelda: TotK

The Karahatag Shrine puzzle requires you to use torches in a specific manner to open the locked gates in Tears of the Kingdom.

Step 1) Open the First Gate

Just as you enter the shrine, you will see a locked gate with a lit pedestal sitting on its right and an unlit one to its left, hanging from the ceiling. The first step is the simplest one to solve.

Right by the pedestal on the left, you can see a torch lying on the ground. All you have to do is pick up the torch and use it to light the pedestal hanging from the ceiling.

To do that, you first have to equip and swing the torch over the lit pedestal to make it catch fire. Then, you must throw the now-lit torch towards the other pedestal on the ceiling to light it in turn.

Once you do that, the first step to the puzzle will be completed and the door will open, allowing you to proceed to the next step.

Open the treasure chest

While you are in this new area, you might as well grab the treasure chest first before you start solving the second part of the puzzle.

While the treasure chest is usually placed in plain sight in most of the other Shrines, you can’t really find it because it is hidden somewhere in secret.

To find the treasure chest, head left just as you climb the ladder after entering the door to the second part of the puzzle. From the edge, you must jump down, but make sure to pull out your paraglider instantly after you do so.

Next, keep gliding forwards while clinging to the walls and turn right after you see the wall ending. There should be invagination in the wall here, in which you will see the treasure chest sitting at the center.

Open the treasure chest to receive a Mighty Construct Bow (34 Strength). While you may wonder how to get back up – doing that is pretty easy. All you have to do is equip Ascend and use it to reach the top of the platform.

Step 2) Open the Second Gate

Solving the second part of the Karahatag puzzle is a bit trickier than the first one. This time, you will see a yellow marker in the center of the platform where you just arrived, and a lit candle in the distance to your right.

Additionally, you can also see three different pillars at the far end of the area hanging from the ceiling, each with a grey slab underneath.

To solve the second part of the puzzle, first, you must go and grab that candle on the right using Ultrahand. Next, bring it back and place it on any of the three white slabs under the pillars.

After you do that, you must use Ultrahand to grab the candle and lift it up into the pillar. Make sure to push the candle as far up into it as it can go and then let go of it.

Once the candle is back on the ground, you must shift to Rewind and use it on the candle to make it go back into the air.

As soon as you use rewind, you must sprint to the yellow marker at the start of the arena and stand on top of it.

This tile acts as a pressure plate, upon standing on which you activate a timer that acts on the candle. When the timer indicated by the blue dial ends, the candle will fall back onto the ground.

You must now repeat the same steps with the other three pillars as well to solve this puzzle. Once you do that, the door to the Karahatag Shrine’s altar will open, and you can head in to collect your reward – the Light of Blessing in Tears of the Kingdom.

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