Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Ishodag Shrine Walkthrough

Ishodag Shrine is an early-game shrine in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, most probably the first shrine players will come across while traversing through the Hyrule region.

Hyrule surface and the sky islands are the only shrine locations, with the Ishodag Shrine being located in the Hyrule Field near the Central Hyrule.

This shrine not only contains a puzzle known as the ‘Windy Device’ but also provides rewards such as an opal and a key item, the Light of Blessing.

It also teaches players how to use the Zonai Fan and acts as a fast travel point once players unlock it and solve its puzzle. So to do all that players must know its exact location.

Where to find the Ishodag Shrine in Zelda: TotK

The Ishodag Shrine is located in the Hyrule Field near Mount Gustaff and the Quarry Ruins at the coordinates of -0877, 0423, and 0049 encircled on the map below.

Ishodag Shrine map location in Tears of the kingdom

The nearest tower to this shrine is the Lookout Landing Skyview Tower and if you move a bit north and then west from there you will find the Ishodag Shrine on a rocky mound that you need to climb.


You can also reach Ishodag Shrine if you begin from the Castle Tower Ruins of Central Hyrule and move west till the tiny hill is in sight. Make sure that you have enough stamina to climb the mountain and reach the shrine.

How to solve the Ishodag Shrine puzzle in Zelda: TotK

You will see a large stone with a green sigil on it. This is the entrance to the shrine and as soon as you interact with the symbol the entryway will appear. Now you can enter the Ishodag Shrine and look for the Windy Device puzzle solution.

Look for the Zonai fan and position it

Enter the shrine and continue a bit forward till you see a fan lying on the ground to your left.

A Windy Device puzzle in Ishodag Shrine

This is a Zonai device and you can make use of it for various purposes. Equip the Ultrahand ability that will let you pick up the fan and rotate it.

Now, position the fan so that the air current is upwards and it can thrust you up while paragliding. Turn the fan on by hitting it and then go up to the ledge by using the fan.

Make a raft

Once you are on top of the ledge, continue forward and you will see a large piece of wood lying on the ground. Pick this wooden structure and place it in the water.

Now, pick the fan lying on the ground and place it on the wooden structure in such a way that the air current is directed forward.

Get on the wooden structure and turn on the fan by hitting it and then use this wooden structure as a raft that will take you to the other side where the next task of the puzzle starts.

Find the opal

After reaching the other side of the room, you will see another fan lying around. You will also see an inclined ledge hanging nearby that you need to attach the fan to.

Position the fan in such a way that when it is turned on the air current is directed downwards and it balances the inclines ledge to be horizontal.

Now ascend the ledge to find a chest that contains an Ore Material, the Opal.

Make a cart

Go down to where you came up and you will see a flight of stairs in the room with a cart at the end. Take two Zonai fans lying in the room and attach them to the inferior aspect of the cart in such a way that the air current is directed downwards.

Activate the fans by hitting them and then ride the cart to go to the top. If the cart has already ascended upwards before you have got the chance to get on it, you can use the Recall ability to bring it back down.

Examine the altar

After riding the car, take the stairs to go to the altar at the front. Examine the altar with the glowing green signs to end the Ishodag Shrine walkthrough and receive the Light of Blessing at the end in Tears of the Kingdom.