How To Get Dusk Claymore In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

You need to complete the "Investigate the Thyphlo Ruins" quest late in the game to get the Dusk Claymore in Tears of the Kingdom.

The Dusk Claymore in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a two-handed legendary weapon players can wield to destroy any enemy in their path.

This is a popular weapon in the game, as it has also recurred in other Zelda franchises. Boasting a base damage of 38 and a base durability of 50, the Dusk Claymore is one of the best weapons in Zelda: TotK.

Landing your hands on the sword isn’t as simple, and players must complete a series of tasks to yield it.

How to get the Dusk Claymore in Tears of the Kingdom

There are two ways to get the Dusk Claymore in Zelda: TotK. The main way is to complete the “Investigate the Thyphlo Ruins” quest which becomes available quite late in the game. The alternative way to wield this sword is by scanning the Ganondorf Amiibo figure.

Complete the “Investigate the Thyphlo Ruins” quest

If you want to obtain the Dusk Claymore in Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll have to progress late into the game until you reach the Investigate the Thyphlo Ruins quest.

This quest requires you to travel to the Akkala region, where you’ll have to gain entrance into The Thyphlo Ruins. These ruins are located west of the Eldin Mountains and north of Lake Mekar.


It is important to unlock all Sage powers before embarking on this quest, as they’ll be crucial for solving the puzzles in the Thyphlo ruins. You’ll have to find Kazul in his tent at the ruins and talk to him to initiate the Investigate the Thyphlo Ruins quest.

You’ll have to investigate four tablets in this area, which will unlock four mini-quests. Complete all four Sage puzzles and return to Kazul to gain access to the treasure.

The Chest containing the Dusk Claymore is located in an underground chamber inside the ruins at coordinates (0385, 3169, 0164). Go ahead and open it to unlock the Dusk Claymore legendary sword.

Scan the Ganondorf Amiibo figure

There is an entirely different way to get the Dusk Claymore in Zelda: TotK that completely rules out the quest inside Thyphlo Ruins. You can use the Super Smash Bros. Ganondorf Amiibo figure and scan it to unlock this weapon immediately.

You’ll have to launch the ability wheel in Tears of the Kingdom using your controller to do this. Next, select the Amiibo options and place the Amiibo figure on the NFC touchpoint. This will immediately unlock the Dusk Claymore, and you can enjoy yielding it instantly.

Does the Dusk Claymore respawn after it breaks in Zelda: TotK?

Once you unlock the Dusk Claymore in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom after the Thyphlo Ruins quest or using the Amiibo Figure, you can respawn it whenever you want after it breaks.

To do that, you must travel to The Depths, where you must locate the Bargainer Statue. Once you have unlocked the weapon, it will automatically appear in the Bargainer’s Menu.

These statues are located at multiple locations in the Depths, and players can trade 120 Poes to obtain the Dusk Claymore.

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