Crossing The Cold Pool – Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

Cross the cold pool to find 10 Chillshrooms from Verla.

In the “Crossing the Cold Pool” side quest, you must gather some Chillshrooms to help out a friend in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. It will not be that straightforward, though. You will have to use several of your abilities to overcome obstacles you face along the way.

Crossing the Cold Pool is yet another short but tricky quest in the game. Here is how you can complete it with ease.

Talk to Verla near Talonto Peak

Verla at Talonto Peak will give you the Crossing the Cold Pool quest. This is inside the Hebra region of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

She is waiting just a few steps ahead of the trail leading away from the Hebra Trailhead Lodge. This location is in the heart of Corvash Peak, and the coordinates for her location are as follows: (-3221, 2454, 0347).

Upon talking to Verla, she will inform you that her wing has been injured from fighting the monsters, but she still has to collect ten chillshrooms.

Upon agreeing to help her find the ten chillshrooms will start the Crossing the Cold Pool quest in Zelda: TotK.

Craft a Bridge to Cross the Cold Pool

After starting the Crossing the Cold Pool side quest, you must go inside the Talonto Peak Cave to find the chillshrooms for Verla. However, the issue is that there is a cold-water pool inside the cave.


If you have 10 Chillshrooms in your inventory, you can simply hand them to Verla to complete the quest.

On the other side of the pool are the chillshrooms you need, meaning you must cross the pool one way or the other. If you try to cross the pool by swimming through it, you will find that it drains your health bit by bit.

If you have upgraded your health, you may have enough health to barely make it through by swimming, but that is highly unlikely. That said, you must find an alternative way to cross the pool.

The only other way to cross the pool is to build a bridge. A couple of wooden planks are provided nearby to aid in this process.

While the main intent here is to combine four or five planks to build a bridge long enough to cross the pool, that isn’t necessary. All you need to cross the pool are two planks.

You can find one plank to the left of Verla outside the cave, leaning against the wall. You must grab that plank using Ultrahand and place it in the water. The plank will automatically float up and won’t sink even if you stand on it.

Now, you need another plank to make your way forward. The second plank you need is directly behind Verla, leaning against the wall. This plank is longer than the previous one, so you have more room to walk across.

Place the second plank in the pool ahead of the first and jump onto it. Now, you must turn around, grab the first plank again using Ultrahand, and place it on the other end.

In this way, after a couple of repeats, you can cross the cold-water pool in a matter of seconds without the need for any extra planks. Once you are across the pool, you can start picking chillshrooms.

Although Verla only needs ten chillshrooms, you can also grab a few more to cook cold-resistant meals. As for heading back across the pool, you can use the same process you used to cross before – utilize the two planks by placing one after the other.


You can also use the Ascend ability to leave the cave instantly.

Quest Reward

Upon returning to Verla and giving her ten chillshrooms, the quest Crossing the Cold Pool will be considered complete in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and you will be rewarded with a Purple Rupee (50 Rupees).

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