Tales of Zestiria Records Guide – How to Unlock New Comments

Tales of Zestiria Records guide to help you unlock new and amusing comments in the game.

How to unlock new and amusing comments in Tales of Zestiria.

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Tales of Zestiria Records

Certain in-game actions in Tales of Zestiria allow you to unlock various useful comments to use in the game. These in-game actions include viewing your records, using specific artes, and more.

This guide details everything you need to know to unlock this additional comments in Tales of Zestiria:

View Records 1x Time

This shows how many times you’ve checked on your records. As you make progress, we’ll have various comments for you, so please drop in now and then!

View Records 10x Times

It is improper to expect something in return for achieving records. They exist purely for your private edification.

View Records 30x times

Don’t pop in here just to inflate this record. It won’t do anything cool, I promise. But hey, while you’re here, check out the more interesting crap below.

View Records 50x Time

Records will keep getting added here, so don’t forget to check up on them regularly.

000:00:00 Play Time

This is the amount of time you’ve been playing. Remember to sleep at least once every 36 hours!

030:00:01 Play Time

You have reached at least 30 hours of play time. I expect you are making substantial progress.

060:00:01 Play Time

Over 60 hours now! That’s beyond legit. Seriously, thanks.

100:00:00 Play Time

You’re obsessed. But I guess I’m OK with that.

000:00:00 Battle Time

This is the total amount of time spent in battle.

001:00:00 Battle Time

If worries over your battle time distract you enough that you’re losing battles, it defeats the purpose. Focus on survival first and foremost.

005:00:00 Battle Time

Well well, look who’s been busy on the battlefield. Hope you haven’t forgotten how to win quickly, though.

010:00:00 Battle Time

Battle after battle after battle. How’s that working out for you? Are you getting stronger?

000:00:00 Menu Time

This is the amount of time you’ve spent in menus. There’s a lot packed in here, so don’t be shy!

002:00:00 Menu Time

It’s a good idea to check the Skill Book regularly. It will help you master the generation and use of Bonus Skills.

010:00:00 Menu Time

Thinking about skills and fusion and all that makes my head spin, but if you can handle it, rock on.

030:00:00 Menu Time

I hope you haven’t been napping with a menu open or something.

1 Encounter

This is the number of times you’ve encountered enemies and dived headlong into battle! Racking up victories will also improve your equipment proficiency.

101 Encounter

You’ve already had over 100 encounters! Still, don’t let your guard down.


EncounterHuh. Over 1000 encounters! That’s a whole lot of violences. All the violences.


EncounterWell. Someone’s belligerent.

1 Enemy Species Discovered

This is the number of different enemies you’ve logged in the Enemy Book, found in the Library.

30 Enemy Species Discovered

I’ve come to the conclusion that the more you fight the same enemy, the better the skills on the equipment it drops. So don’t rush; take your time.

100 Enemy Species Discovered

It can really be nice to have equipment on hand with skills against particular enemy categories. The Luring talent could help. Just sayin’.

180 Enemy Species Discovered

There’s all sorts of hellions out there. In general, the ones that look similar became hellions under similar circumstances.

1 Consumable Item Types Discovered

This is the number of unique consumable items you’ve obtained.

10 Consumable Item Types Discovered

You’ve collected at least 10 different consumables. I can prepare all sorts of remedies now. Just say the word!

30 Consumable Item Types Discovered

I see you’ve collected at least 30 different consumables. Go on, don’t be stingy with ’em now. Use ’em up!

60 Consumable Item Types Discovered

You’ve found 60 consumable items. Mostly snacks, I notice. Still. Well done, I suppose.

5 Equipment Items Discovered

This is the number of unique equippable items you’ve found. Each one can have up to four skills, so no two items are the same! Except the ones that are.

30 Equipment Items Discovered

You’ve collected at least 30 different equippable items now. You should clean up your inventory by selling off old pieces or fusing them.

100 Equipment Items Discovered

Nice! 100 or more different pieces of equipment. You know, I feel like the drop rate falls if you’re carrying too much. Better sell off what you don’t need!

300 Equipment Items Discovered

That’s a frightening amount of equipment. How do you keep track of it all? Be sure not to let your inventory get too cluttered. Tidiness is part of being civilized.

1 Skit Played

That is the number of skits you’ve played. You can start a skit in certain places during your travels. They can also be triggered at inns.

50 Skit Played

You’ve played at least 50 skits now! There is nothing like a journey to bring people together.

150 Skit Played

Whoa, you’ve played over 150 skits? Neat. Wish we had a way to celebrate. A short comedic conversation about it with friends, or something. Oh well.

250 Skit Played

I see you’ve watched a whole bunch of skits. There are worse ways to waste one’s time, I guess.

1 Treasure Chest Discovered

This shows how many chests you’ve opened for the first time. I say that because some chests will mysteriously be restocked if you come back later.

30 Treasure Chest Discovered

If you want to build this number up, you ought to make good use of the Treasure Detection talent. It will notify you of nearby chests and herbs.

150 Treasure Chest Discovered

Loads of treasure, woohoo! You can increase the search radius if multiple people use Treasure Detection. Might actually make it harder sometimes, though.

300 Treasure Chest Discovered

Why are there chests scattered all over, anyway? …We’re not supposed to question it? I never agreed to that.

1 Normin Found

This is the number of times you’ve found and recruited normin. If you show a normin some equipment with a blank skill slot, they’ll offer to help!

10 Normin Found

I find this “normincarena” most curious. What on earth sort of dance is it supposed to be?

30 Normin Found

You’ve found at least 30 normin. There’s…about 50 in total, was it? Probably should dwell on what that implies about their breeding patterns.

50 Normin Found

…What are you looking at?

1 Hit Combo

Attacking enemies will interrupt and stagger them. Keep attacking before they can recover, and you can often defeat them without suffering counterattacks.

30 Hit Combo

Enemies have varying weights, affecting things such as their stagger time. Artes too have different qualities; ones with many hits tend to have short stagger time.

60 Hit Combo

You reached 60 hits! That’s super awesome and you’re my hero—but you can still go higher than that!

100 Hit Combo

Ooooh. 100 hits. Woooow.

1 Damage Dealt

This is the highest amount of damage you’ve dealt in a single blow. Artes with a lower hit count tend to do more damage per hit.

500 Damage Dealt

A stunned target will have a higher damage multiplier. When the enemy is stunned, it would be wise to employ your most effective combo.

5000 Damage Dealt

The battle actions Quick Banish and Retribution can help blow your damage into the stratosphere!

10000 Damage Dealt

Some skills will give you a ridiculous multiplier to your damage. Why not try focusing on those?

1 Armatized Damage Dealt

When you armatize, the weakness damage multiplier will accumulate for a certain length of time. This is your record total damage inflicted during that time.

5000 Armatized Damage Dealt

The key to advancing this record lies in stunning your enemies and using skills to maximize the damage you do while they’re stunned!

25000 Armatized Damage Dealt

There’s skill effects that make enemies’ stun time last longer. Line up six skills with the same element to make an E-Union 6, then reap the rewards!

100000 Armatized Damage Dealt

“I used a mystic arte and I still didn’t win!” No duh, Durrlock. Mystic artes are just the most hidden of hidden artes. They’re not instant-win tricks.

1 Successful Guards

Successful guarding recovers SC by a certain amount. If you’re running low on SC, put up your guard and take a tactical breather.

40 Successful Guards

The enemy attack rate will increase when you guard and decrease right after they attack. A solid counterattack begins with a solid defense! Words to live by!

400 Successful Guards

If you just stand there guarding the whole time, the effectiveness start to go down. Better to find a good balance between attacking and defending.

1000 Successful Guards

You can’t win if you ignore defense. If you’re up front, it’s your job to defend. In other words, you take that beating, so I don’t have to.

1 Quick Evades

Perform sidesteps for vertical attacks and backstops for horizontal attacks to trigger a Quick Evade.

20 Quick Evades

The best thing about a successful Quick Evade is that it will refill your SC, but the fact that it delays the enemy’s next attack is a not unwelcome bonus.

200 Quick Evades

“Help! Is that attack vertical or horizontal!?” Sound like you? Well, buck, maybe you just need to get hit. Yeah, it hurts, but it might clear things up.

1000 Quick Evades

There’s a battle action that’ll reduce your mystic arte BG cost for a bunch of successful Quick Evades in a row. We’re just lucky the enemies can’t do that.

1 Martial Arte Breaks

Use hidden artes against enemies’ martial artes (attacks with few gaps) to attack without getting staggered.

20 Martial Arte Breaks

It can be tricky to respond instantly to enemy attacks, but if they only use martial arts, you shouldn’t hesitate to overwelm them with hidden artes.

200 Martial Arte Breaks

When two hidden artes collide, the one that hits first is the one that goes through! For enemies that use both martial and hidden artes, try getting the jump on ‘em!

500 Martial Arte Breaks

Are enemies annoying you with their constant cowardly poke-and-run attacks? Hidden arte, pow! Sometimes strategy’s just that easy.

1 Hidden Arte Breaks

Use seraphic artes against enemies’ hidden artes (charge-up attacks) to cut your casting time in half and avoid being staggered.

20 Hidden Arte Breaks

Seraphic artes are special powers inaccessible to humans. I suspect historical records of these artes spring from Shepherds with the power of armatization.

200 Hidden Arte Breaks

Though you won’t get staggered, you’ll still take damage if you do this. If you’re low on HP, just evade the attack instead.

500 Hidden Arte Breaks

Are enemies annoying you with their exasperating confidence? Seraphic arte, badoom!

1 Seraphic Arte Breaks

Interrupt enemies casting seraphic artes by hitting them with martial artes.

20 Seraphic Arte Breaks

It is true that seraphic artes require casting time, but their power more than makes up for it. Should an enemy start casting, do all you can to interrupt them.

200 Seraphic Arte Breaks

If an enemy starts casting and you’re all too far away to do anything about it, you’re kinda boned. That’s why it’s good to close in on seraphic arte users first.

500 Seraphic Arte Breaks

Are enemies annoying you with their lackadaisical seraphic arte casting? Martial arte, wwwatcha!

1 Blasts Triggered

Use [R2] to spend your Blast Gauge (BG) and trigger special effects. The conditions and effects differ depending on whether you’re on standby or in a combo.

50 Blasts Triggered

It would appear you can earn new battle actions based on the number of Blasts you’ve used. All the more reason to let loose.

250 Blasts Triggered

Partner Blasts can be way useful with just a little imagination. For instance, if your buddy’s taking a beating, it could give ’em a free ticket outta there.

1000 Blasts Triggered

Have you been neglecting Blow Blasts because they break your combo? You can continue them on downed enemies with higher seraphic artes, you know.

1 Mystic Artes Triggered

Learning a mystic arte means that you’ll have a powerful tool at your disposal for when you need to turn the tables or clinch your victory.

20 Mystic Artes Triggered

Defeating enemies with mystic artes will earn you high Grade, so try it once you’ve weakened them. You can check the enemy’s health using the targeting mark.

80 Mystic Artes Triggered

Sometimes you’re like, “Nngh, should I use a mystic arte or a Blast here?” I feel ya. But don’t get in the habit of using just one and never the other.

500 Mystic Artes Triggered

If you’ve got a battle action that lowers mystic arte BG cost based on hit count, you could use Chain Blast or whatever to rack up hits before your mystic arte.

1 Water Armatizations

This is the number of times you’ve performed water armatization. The armatized bow gives you good piercing capabilities—just the thing for a tight hallway.

10 Water Armatizations

Weaknesses? …Well, it can be hard to cope with attacks from behind. But the first step toward dealing with this drawback is acknowledging it.

100 Water Armatizations

Seraphic artes come in several broad categories: defense, area-effect, piercing, wide-area, et cetera. My forte is single-target healing artes.

300 Water Armatizations

I hope it’s clear by now how powerful the water armatus is.

1 Fire Armatizations

This is the number of times you’ve performed fire armatization. It features sweeping sword attacks, perfect for cutting swathes through mobs of enemies.

10 Fire Armatizations

Fire armatization doesn’t offer many options when enemies are out of reach of your sword. When your foes scatter, it’s wise to revert to normal state.

100 Fire Armatizations

Against a single target, fire armatization isn’t always the most effective tactic. Don’t forget, you’re not required to use it, even if the enemy’s weak to fire.

300 Fire Armatizations

You’ve truly mastered the fire armatus. This calls for a toast! Teeheehee. …Hey, come back. I was only kindling.

1 Earth Armatizations

This is the number of times you’ve performed earth armatization. If you think it’s just about raw power, you’ve already lost. Take a closer look.

10 Earth Armatizations

Yes, this armatus specializes in one-on-one attacks, but it can handle area attacks as well. It all depends on how you use it. Understand? I hope so.

100 Earth Armatizations

I’ve got defensive seraphic artes and ones with huge-range attacks… Even ones that power up the more enemies there are. You realize I’m the best, right?

300 Earth Armatizations

The earth armatus. That is all. Dismissed.

1 Wind Armatizations

This is the number of times you’ve performed wind armatization. Floating in the air allows you to easily swoop around enemy attacks.

10 Wind Armatizations

You can use artes that incorporate movement to keep your enemies pinned down and control your positioning. Always stay aware of the state of the battle.

100 Wind Armatizations

A lot of the seraphic artes of wind have an effect on the actions that come afterwards. You won’t see the benefit if you don’t plan ahead. Think before you act.

300 Wind Armatizations

Ya see now? You can’t count the wind armatus out.

1 Banish Blasts

This is the number of times you’ve unleashed a Banish Blast. It takes a while to charge up, so don’t use it recklessly, or it’ll become a… Vanish Blast! Teehee.

10 Banish Blasts

Diligent allies may defend you while you charge up a Banish Blast. There is also a battle action reducing the charge time when your enemies are stunned.

50 Banish Blasts

The less HP the enemy has, the more damage you’ll do. Finding that sweet spot is all part of the thrill.

200 Banish Blasts

Have you mastered linking Banish Blasts into mystic artes? I certainly hope so.

1 Gald Spent

This is how much gald you’ve spent in shops and inns. Gald’s a global currency, accepted wherever you go. Don’t leave home without it.

10000 Gald Spent

Buying and selling items in the same shop will increase that location’s Shop Level, expanding the selection of available equipment.

100000 Gald Spent

It’s healthy to engage in commerce now and then. The equipment at shops comes with skills too, you know! …Actually, by now you probably DO know.

1000000 Gald Spent

What shops carry is influenced by what you sell. Sell a bunch of rings, and that shop will start stocking rings in bulk. Why? I don’t know, I’m just the messenger.

0.01m Distance Traveled

This is the distance you’ve traveled across maps. When you’re exploring maps, don’t forget to make good use of your talents!

10000.00m Distance Traveled

Talents can be developed with enough use. Be sure to walk around with various combinations oftalents assigned.

50000.00m Distance Traveled

It costs Gald to move between Save Points, so walking is a good way to save on cash. Just make sure you know where you’re going.

500000.00m Distance Traveled

I can’t feel my legs… Ugh. Why did I sign up for this?

5 Battle Actions

This is the number of battle actions you’ve learned. You can acquire lots of different abilities by progressing in the story and mastering combat.

10 Battle Actions

Some battle actions are ideal for beginners. If you still lack confidence, try one or two of those marked “Auto” while you grow used to the system.

25 Battle Actions

You won’t have much luck enabling every battle action you get. The trick is to figure out what you need and what you don’t need!

40 Battle Actions

There may be a whole lot of battle actions to choose from, but don’t get carried away. Like an umbrella, you can only spread yourself so far.

1 Enemies Defeated

This is the number of times you’ve defeated or forced retreat from enemies. Defeat enough enemies, and you’ll level up, increasing your stats.

100 Enemies Defeated

One thing to keep in mind is that your maximum HP does not increase even when you level up. I suggest you pursue collection of the items known as orbs.

500 Enemies Defeated

The higher a stat is at the point you level up—and that includes equipment and everything else—the more the base stat goes up. Make sense?

3000 Enemies Defeated

Your levels can be high as a kite; it’s still no guarantee you’ll win. Granted, keeping them low will probably guarantee you’ll lose.

1 Snacks Eaten

Though snacks can only be eaten outside of battle, they’ll restore HP to all party members, as well as add a skill effect to the next battle.

10 Snacks Eaten

Different characters will find different snacks easy to make. Training long enough will allow you to prepare brand-new snacks! I am in full support of this.

100 Snacks Eaten

Just because they go away, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use ’em up. Otherwise, what’s the point? Might as well sell ’em and make someone else happy.

500 Snacks Eaten

I think it’s time to make up your mind about whether you’re here for an adventure or just here for the snacks.

1 Equipment Fusion

This is the highest number added next to an item name through equipment fusion. Fusing is a great way to tidy up your inventory—just mash that stuff together!

10 Equipment Fusion

You’ve achieved a fusion count of at least 10. It never ceases to amaze me how so many weapons can coalesce into one. The natural world is wondrous indeed.

30 Equipment Fusion

Dang, you’ve gone up to +30, even! This might be old news, but it’s safe to fuse two +30 items–you’ll come out with a +61! Niftysauce.

99 Equipment Fusion

Wow, you really did have a lot of time to waste. Though you can make your equipment even stronger once you have it sanctified.

1 Sanctification

This is the highest number added next to a sanctified item name through equipment fusion. …You have entered a most hallowed domain.

10 Sanctification

In and of itself, a +10 modifier on sanctified equipment doesn’t affect much, but it does indicate you’ve collected 121 of the item… This I respect.

30 Sanctification

Gotta say, getting sanctified equipment up to +30 is quite a feat! Keep it up. There’s things that’ll let you carry equipment across playthroughs—handy!

99 Sanctification

You boosted sanctified equipment up to +99? That’s… excessive. But I admire your dedication. It’ll take you far.

1 Gald Sale Value

The highest value you’ve sold an item for. To aim for this record, you may want to sell items you’ve fixed up a bunch. Though I understand that might be painful.

2000 Gald Sale Value

The number or quality of attached skills can affect the resale value of your equipment. You would do well to keep this in mind should you be targeting this record.

10000 Gald Sale Value

Sanctified items sell for a lot, y’know. Collectors love them some premium goods. But donating them to a Lord of the Land nets you tons of Grade. Tough call.

100000 Gald Sale Value

Looks like you crafted some genuinely special equipment… And then sold it off without compunction. No regrets, now. You only live once.

1 Stack Skills Triggered

These are bonus skills triggered by equipping two skills with the same name at the same time. The skills can be on different items, such as armor and shoes.

4 Stack Skills Triggered

Fusing items at shops is indispensible if Stack bonuses are your goal. Pay close attention to how fusion affects the arrangement of skills.

8 Stack Skills Triggered

The key to fusion is appreciating the value of items with empty skill slots. If one item’s slot is open, the skill in the other slot won’t change during fusion.

15 Stack Skills Triggered

I see you pulled off a Stack 16. Might as well pat yourself on the back. There’s nothing higher than that anyway.

1 G-Union Skills Triggered

These are bonus skills triggered by equipping all five skills in a skill group. This will form a vertical line on the Skill Sheet.

3 G-Union Skills Triggered

G-Union bonuses further enhance the characteristics of that group. It would not be absurd to carry different sets of equipment geared toward multiple groups.

6 G-Union Skills Triggered

You need five skills from the same group for a G-Union, so you can’t pull it off with just one item. Kinda sucks. You could spread it out across all five, though.

10 G-Union Skills Triggered

There are 10 groups, so if you’ve made all 10 G-Unions, that’s it. But making them is one thing—choosing the right ones for the battles you face is quite another.

1 E-Union Skills Triggered

These are skills triggered by equipping two or more that line up next to each other. Skills lined up horizontally tend to be related by element.

15 E-Union Skills Triggered

E-Unions are relatively simple to activate, requiring merely two skills at minimum. As they boost your elemental abilities, how you use them will be crucial.

30 E-Union Skills Triggered

Elemental Unions take a bit of finesse. Should you stick with two E-Union 2s, or fill in the gap and have just one E-Union 5? Hmm, decisions, decisions.

45 E-Union Skills Triggered

Huh, that would be all the E-Unions, then. There’s one for each number and element—I hope you’re not too exhausted.

1 Grade Record

This is the most Grade you’ve earned in a single battle. Refine your battle technique to earn more Grade and smash your record!

25 Grade Record

To earn high Grade, one must battle with style. In particular, there is naught more stylish than to achieve victory without so much as a scratch.

50 Grade Record

If you want the worst Grade possible, try getting KO’d or finishing a battle with a status ailment. Oh! Item use is a key point as well. You’ll be awful in no time!

80 Grade Record

This is proof of how mercilessly and vindictively you’ve rained artes down on your foes. Go ahead, bask in it. Revel in it.

1 Items Dropped by Enemies

This is the total number of equippable items randomly dropped by enemies. Hellion equipment is saturated in malevolence, but purification makes it usable again.

20 Items Dropped by Enemies

Different hellions have different equipment they are likely to drop. The result is certainly not guaranteed, but it’s still useful to check this via the World Map.

50 Items Dropped by Enemies

I hear the enemy you beat first will have double the drop rate. Sounds handy if you’re craving a particular item. The Luring talent ought to be useful, too.

100 Items Dropped by Enemies

The drop rate goes up based on how many enemies you beat in a battle. So seeking out Dangerous Encounters doesn’t NECESSARILY signal self-destructive tendencies.

1 Herbs Found

This is the number of herbs you’ve found. They are mostly found in fields (outdoor maps) and can boost your physical attributes.

30 Herbs Found

There are six different kinds of herbs, five of which boost your basic stats and one which boosts your max HP. You can also create them with Remedy Preparation.

60 Herbs Found

One thing herbs do is fully restore your initial SC. If you’re lost in a dungeon somewhere, might be wise to dig in your herb pouch and get some fight back in ya.

100 Herbs Found

You might as well not bother picking an herb if you’re not planning to use it. Or do you just enjoy casual destruction for its own sake?

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