Tales of Zestiria Trials Guide to Complete Fire, Water and Earth Trial

Tales of Zestiria trials walkthrough guide to help you complete Fire Trial, Water Trial and Earth Trial.

How to complete Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind trials in Tales of Zestiria.

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Tales of Zestiria Trials

There are a total of four Trials in Tales of Zestiria which must be completed to acquire spiritual power of Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind.

All these trials are accompanied by one or more boss fights and certain test to see if you are worthy enough for such a power or not.

This guide provides an overview of all the four trials in the game:

Morgause, Shrine of the Earth Trial
After the conversation at the entrance, you will have to quell Minotauros and meet with Pawan at the shrine’s altar. Note that you will confront Minotauros multiple times before being able to quell it.

Once you are done with Minotauros, you need to head down the northwest staircase and destroy the columns located on the ground which will grant you access to eastern treasure area.

Alternatively, you can only demolish the northernmost columns and proceed ahead. After you come across the barred alleyway leading to last northern corridor, head down the northeast stairway.

Once this is done, you need to do the same at the opposite staircase and bring down the last barrier. With everything out of the way, head inside the corridor and activate the save point and acquire the spiritual power of earth from Pawan.

Lefay, Shrine of the Water Trial
After the conversation at the entrance, proceed ahead, but make sure to use the Spectral Cloak map action. You need to study the maps carefully otherwise you will be thrown all the way to the start of the shrine.

As you continue along the way, you need to ensure that you open up all the chests you come across to learn more about Asura and the entire job.

As soon as you reach the elevated dais, you need to step on it in order to reach the top floor and activate the save point before battling Asura.

While battling Asura, remember not to rely on Fire and Wind and only using Earth elemental damage to complete the boss fight without any difficulty.

After dealing with Asura, you need to head back to Altul and complete the second test by declining the sword. Once the conversation is over, you will be rewarded with the spiritual power of water.

Guinevere, Shrine of the Wind Trial
Following the events that take place at the entrance of shrine, you will have to fight Zaveid. Make sure not to use the Earth elemental damage and evade his Seraphic Artes.

Once the battle is concluded, you will be given 3 choices to select:

  • Try to convince him of the truth
  • Show him an example of the Shepherd’s power
  • Leave him alone

Once you have made your choice, make your way to the eastern edge of the ninth floor where you will come across a save point.

Once you reach the area, you will have to battle Dullahan after a short cut-scene after which you will get the spirit power of Wind.

Igraine, Shrine of the Fire Trial
After you enter the shrine, head right and use Silver Flame on a couple of torches to proceed ahead. Do not continue along the stairs and use the torches to clear the way ahead.

In order to access the middle area, you need to head down the stairs and light the torches followed by heading through the eastern doorway. Go up the stairs and light the pedestals leading towards the entrance.

After you reach the shrine of Musiphe, you will be put in a battle with a hellion. You need to rely on Water elemental to complete the boss fight with ease, but make sure not to use Earth or Wind.

After a short cut-scene, you will learn how to unleash your armatized mystic arte, Flamberge after which you will acquire spiritual power of Fire.

This is all we have on Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind trials in Tales of Zestiria. If there is something else you would like to know, make sure to let us know in the comments section below!

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