Tales of Arise Lord Almeidrea & Mesmald Boss Guide

In this Tales of Arise Guide, we’ll discuss ins and outs of the Lord Almeidrea & Mesmald Boss fight so that you can emerge victorious!

Your team will confront Lord Almeidrea at Mobile Fortress Gradia where, after a long dialogue, she summons Mesmald, a fierce beast. In this Tales of Arise Guide, we’ll discuss ins and outs of the Lord Almeidrea & Mesmald Boss fight so that you can emerge victorious!

Tales of Arise Lord Almeidrea & Mesmald Boss

Since you’re dealing with Almeidrea and Mesmald together you need to be more careful. This is a high HP boss fight demanding a full-scale assault.

In order to offset the damage they will be doing to your team, you need to be fully up to date with equipment and levels.

Boss Fight Phases

Let’s break down this fight into two phases. In the first phase, Almeidrea will be riding on Mesmald.

There will be only one hit point bar on the screen. They will be acting as a single entity. This phase is comparatively easier than the second one.

The second phase starts when you wipe off half of their HP. From this point on, Almeidrea and Mesmald start attacking separately and more aggressively. You’ve to take them down one by one.

Almeidrea and Mesmald Attacks

The most frequent and basic attack Mesmald will use is the Claw attack. It’ll swiftly sweep its claw to attack you. This attack could cause significant damage but can also be avoided if you are careful.

Since Mesmald is a dragon, we expect it to bombard you with its fiery breath often! The Fire breath attack covers a large area and sometimes it is impossible to dodge it without getting any damage.

Almeidrea will gather energy into Mesmald near the end of the first phase, allowing the dragon to rain fireballs to fall down to the ship.

The faint glow on the ground indicates the landing points for these balls of fire; move away from these before the fire falls.

Another two attacks you should be prepare of are cyclones and God’s breath. Mesmald will create cyclones to trap you. They can be avoided because they are stationary.

God’s Breath will concentrate wind energy beams on your player. It can not only cause damage to you but also anyone in your near surroundings as well.

Defeating Almeidrea and Mesmald

Now that we’ve studied all their attacks and how they can cause us damage, let’s figure out how to avoid them and fight back!

We need a heavy attacker on our side that can cause good damage. Alphen is good for this cause. Save the boost attacks for the right moments. You can disrupt God’s breath attack by unleashing your boost attacks.

You need to do a lot of damage quickly and in whatever window of opportunity you get. Law can do this to Mesmald and bring its HP pool down significantly. Use all your teammates wisely.

As this battle is significantly long, you need an immense amount of healing as well. You can change Dohalim with Shionne anytime in the fight to use both characters’ healing abilities.

No doubt Dohalim is a great addition to the team and very good at attacks, but we also need a healer during this mega fight.

After you’ve defeated Mesmald and get to the end with Almeidrea. Lord Vholran appears and kills Almeidrea. There is this storyline scene where Alphen tries to attack Vholran but stops. You will fight Vholran later in the game.

Almeidrea and Mesmald may be defeated, but if you want another shot at a stronger Mesmald, there’s a secret one awaiting in Tales of Arise!

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