Tales of Arise Fire Lord Boss Guide

This extensive guide covers your encounter with the Fire Lord Boss in Tales of Arise. We will be telling you...

This extensive guide covers your encounter with the Fire Lord Boss in Tales of Arise. We will be telling you all about Balseph’s attack patterns and provide you with tips on what are some of the best ways to swiftly defeat him.

Tales of Arise Fire Lord Boss

When Alphen and Shionne have to face off against Balseph; the Fire Lord expects there to be one hell of a fight. You’d have to plan your attacks carefully. Otherwise, the Fire Lord can prove to be a difficult enemy.

How to Defeat Fire Lord Balseph in Tales of Arise

The boss fight against Balseph is divided into two phases, each with its own attack patterns. During the second phase, Balseph being true to his name also spawns a Fire Avatar so you have two enemies to worry about.

Phase One

As soon as the fight starts, sweep in with Alphen for some quick attacks and then back off because Balseph’s giant ax has a huge attack radius, and if you are too close to him, he will stomp you with an AoE attack.

Right after his attack, he will be stationary for a while, and that’s your cue to move in for some quick slashes again.

As soon as Balseph goes airborne for his stomp attack, you will see a counter button on him and timing that perfectly will trigger a combo attack for Alphen and Shionne. If executed, this will cause massive damage to the Fire Lord’s health bar.

These attacks are called “Special Boost Strikes,” and after this attack, Balseph will be on his knees for a while, and you can move in for some heavy blows.

Phase Two

After you deplete 50% of Balseph’s health bar, a cutscene will be triggered, marking the start of Phase Two of the Boss fight. The Fire Lord will retreat to a new arena and will be more aggressive from this point onwards. You will have to fight the Fire Avatar as well.

You should focus more on Balseph first and rain down attacks on him while dodging the Fire Avatar’s swing attacks. He won’t prove to be as much of a problem once you bring him down to his last health bar.

Another cutscene will be triggered once you finish Balseph’s health, and The Fire Lord will be consumed by the Fire Avatar. After a long cutscene, Alphen will defeat the Fire Avatar, and your encounter against the Fire Lord will be over.

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