Tales of Arise Autelina Palace Keys Locations Guide

In this guide, we'll be showing you all of the Tales of Arise Autelina Palace Keys locations found scattered throughout the map

The third palace that players will come across during their Tales of Arise venture is the Autelina Palace. In this guide, we will go through all the Tales of Arise Autelina Palace Keys Locations.

Tales of Arise Autelina Palace Keys Locations

Though you might have already plundered this place of its treasures on your first visit, it is worth visiting again to collect all the keys.

Compared to the previous two palaces, this will be a relatively more straightforward and smaller area to discover.

This palace has only two floors, and the first floor is completely locked off. This leaves you with a tiny area to discover, making it even easier to find all the goods.

So, without further ado, Let’s start with the key locations.

Noble Room Key Location

The Noble Room is the room located at the northern end of the second floor of Autelina Palace. The key for this room is simple to find. First, go to the Autelina Palace 2F map and then locate the office.

Next, press E to open the office door, and once inside, you’ll find a desk right in front of you. The Noble Key will be placed on top of this desk.

Now head back to the map and go to the Noble Room. The Noble Room shall unlock with this key. You will find Saffron in the Noble Room, so go on and collect it.

Treasure Key Location

Head on towards the Staff Quarters, and you’ll find the Treasury Key placed on a dining table and 1,200 Gald lying on the floor.

Collect this key and now head to the Treasury. You’ll find a Cocktail Dress armor for Shionne as well as Elixir in this room.

Lord Chamber Key Location

You’ll find two notes: one in the Meeting Room and the other in the Barracks. Through these notes, you will learn that there’s a secret duplicate key hidden in a hidden cabinet at the far side of the office.

This is the same office where you discovered the Noble Key earlier. Head to the cabinet on the far side of the room, and you will find the Duplicate Lord Chamber Key.

Now head to Dohalim’s Room and unlock it using this Duplicate key. Next, bring down the barrier using the terminal, and you’ll successfully unlock the Lord Chamber.

You’ll also discover a healing light over here, which you should use if your CP is running low.

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