SWTOR Sniper Build Guide

How To Play Imperial Agent 'Sniper' in Star Wars The Old Republic. Recommended PVP/PVE Builds.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is a huge game and if you are new to MMO, you may be overwhelmed by the number of options you have. Easy way to get started is by referring to our SWTOR Sniper Build guide.

I’ll be explaining the specializations of the Imperial Sniper in this guide, focusing on the Skill Tree and build. But first, let me explain the basics, which apply to all classes:

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SWTOR Sniper Build

Here is how you have to set the Build based on the different settings of the main categories of Skillful, Masterful and Heroic.


For this category of the build, you must include Ballistic Dampers to give you three charges of dampers. Each charge will reduce the incoming damage by 30%.

You can also have Calculated Pursuit, Snap Shot, Vital Regulators and Imperial Efficiency as situational selections.

However, it is useless for you to select Imperial Demarcation, Crippling Diversion and Lumbering Impact. The reason behind is that they reduce cool down of leg shot, slows target effect by your diversion and applies snare and accuracy debuff respectively.


There is not any Must Have in this tier as you can select various options as you see fit for your fights.

You can select Seek Cover, Reestablish Range, Augmented Shields, Stroke of Genius and Hold your Guard on situational basis.

Seek Cover gives a speed boost when Entrench ends or you leave cover while entrench is active.

Reestablish Rang gives a 75% speed boost after countermeasures.

Augmented Shields gives an increase in Shield Probes absorbed damage by 30%.

Stroke of Genius increases your chance to resist Force/Tech damage by 20% for 6.

Hold your Ground reduces the cooldown of cover pulse by 5s and of stun breaker by 30s. You also get 20% increase in ranged defense after leaving cover.


For this tier, you must have Pillbox Sniper and Siege Bunker.

Pillbox Sniper reduces the cooldown of Entrench and Cover pulse knocks the target back further. There is also a set bonus with it which increases our damage during Entrench.

Siege Bunker reduces AOE damage taken by 60% until the Entrench is active.

Additionally, you can have Deployed Shields, Controlled Chaos, Defensive Safeguard, Tactical Retreat and Over-prepared based on the situations you are in. They all work in different ways to grant you superior powers in their own specific cases such as Defensive Safeguard makes you immune to pulls or knockbacks.

However, it is useless to opt for the Executioner as the flashbang and Maim let you use Takedown on targets above 30% and that is a property already being fulfilled by the Cull without costing an achievement point

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