Survey Indicates More Micro-transactions For The Division

In recent online survey Ubisoft addressed the issue micro-transaction, could this mean more micro-transactions for The Division will be added.

In a recent online survey Ubisoft addressed the issue of micro-transaction asking the opinions of the fans that if they are comfortable with micro-transactions or not. Could this mean that more micro-transactions for The Division will be introduced in later updates?

While creative minds at Ubisoft massive are still working to bring more incursions to the online role playing game “The Division”, Ubisoft is trying to find the level of interest of the players about future content of the game. The survey asks that did players liked the variation of enemies, challenges or missions, also asks about any other city players want to see in the future sequel.

The main issue we are discussing about the survey is micro-transaction. Right now there are micro-transactions in the game but nothing is available that would destroy the gameplay balance.

While majority of the game community despises micro-transactions and considers it what is wrong with the gaming industry, but it looks like enough gamers buy content through micro-transactions that publishers and game developers keep adding these to their games.

It is understandable that a free-to-play game supports micro-transactions because developers need capital to further support the game. As for supporting micro-transaction in a game we paid $60 for just don`t make sense specially in a case when these micro-transaction contents create gameplay imbalance.

In a recent lawsuit against Rockstar filed by Leslie Benzies for $150 million in unpaid royalties it was revealed that Rockstar made $500 million in revenue from GTA online through micro-transactions. So yes, everyone wants a piece of pie.

What do you think about Ubisoft adding micro-transactions to its games? Do you support Ubisoft`s decision of adding micro-transactions for The Division? Let us know in the comments.

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