How To Block In Super Mario RPG? 

Learning how to block in Super Mario RPG will save you a lot of headaches and let you survive for longer. Here's how to do it.

In Super Mario RPG, turn-based battles reign supreme, and blocking is a vital defensive maneuver. This allows players to skillfully avoid or reduce incoming enemy attacks. Unlike traditional RPGs, where defense stats determine the damage reduction, Super Mario RPG empowers players to take control and manually block. Let’s go through this comprehensive guide on how to block. 

How to Block Attacks?

blocking attacks in Super Mario RPG

Blocking is an action command used to reduce the damage of an incoming attack. Super Mario RPG has two kinds of blocking. A normal block has a larger window for timing but reduces a portion of incoming damage. A perfect block negates all incoming damage from the attack within a 5-frame window. A blue shield will materialize before the protected character, signifying successful block execution. 

To block successfully, press the A button before the attack strikes. Such blocks are indicated by a star effect around the character who blocked the attack. The game will show a star on top when the opportunity to perfect block arrives. When you start getting better at executing these, the game will show them less and less. However, if you have a hard time doing so later on, the game will start showing them.

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