Super Mario Odyssey Painting Locations and Destinations Guide

Super Mario Odyssey comes with Painting Locations and Destinations. This guide will tell you where to find these. In different Kingdoms, players are able to find a Warp Painting that takes them to another Kingdom.

You need to travel to different Kingdoms to find Power Moons. Keep in mind that some of the paintings won’t be available until you reach a certain point in the game.

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Super Mario Odyssey Painting Locations and Destinations

Sand Kingdom Painting

Takes to: Metro Kingdom

Location: Head to Quadrant B4 in the Sand Kingdom South of the Inverted Pyramid and locate this painting at the base of a pillar. Keep in mind that the area you’re going to be led to is stranded from the Kingdom and you can’t be taken to any other place.

Lake Kingdom Painting

Takes to: Sand and Luncheon Kingdom

Location: Head to the Lake Kingdom and warp to Courtyard flag. There is a pond to the South with a portrait inside. Jump into the Pond and use the portrait to warp to the next destination.

Note that if you select Lake Kingdom before the Wooded Kingdom then a path towards the Sand Kingdom will be created or else, you’ll come across the painting towards the Luncheon Kingdom.

Cascade Kingdom Painting

Takes to: Bowser’s Kingdom

Location: You can find this one at the Cascade Kingdom located under the large waterfall, near the first Power Moon. So, from the Odyssey just go past the shop and keep your path to the right and you’ll reach the painting in no time. But you need to reach Bower’s Kingdom first to activate the painting.

Metro Kingdom Painting

Takes to: Wooded and Lake Kingdom

Location: If you select the Lake Kingdom first travel to Metro Kingdom and head behind the Odyssey, jump over the short ledge and you’ll find the Wooded Kingdom painting there.

Wooded Kingdom Painting

Takes to: Luncheon and Sand Kingdom

Location: Teleport to the Observation Deck and capture the Glydon in the Wooded Kingdom. Glide down to a platform above the charging station. Here you will find another Portrait.

After finding the Portrait, hop inside and teleport to the Sand Kingdom to acquire the Power Moon.

Luncheon Kingdom Painting

Where to: Mushroom Kingdom

Location: Head to the far North side of the Island, the Isolated area of the map. There you’ll find multiple lower platforms. Once you’ve Located the lower platforms, you’ll find the painting is on the wall.

Bowser’s Kingdom Painting

Where to: Seaside, Snow Kingdom

Location: Complete the main story in this Kingdom and return to the main courtyard entrance checkpoint and locate the building on the left. The painting is on the other side of it.

If you don’t complete the main story mission then the Painting will look blank. You’ll either be led to the Seaside or Snow Kingdom, depending upon your visit.

Seaside Kingdom Warp Painting

Takes to: Cascade Kingdom, Lake Kingdom, Wooded Kingdom

Location: Once you’ve reached the Seaside Kingdom, complete the Main story of the area and defeat the boss. Once that’s done. Take the water jets to the center glass and throw them into the pool where you’ll find the painting.

Snow Kingdom Painting

Takes to: Cascade, Wooded, and Lake Kingdom

Location: Complete the main objective in the Snow Kingdom. Get the Tyfoo near the Odyssey and head to the Eastern side of the basin. Locate a large wooden block on top of a slope. Push it with Tyfoo gusts and use it as stairs to reach the ledge where you can find the painting.

Mushroom Kingdom Painting

Takes to: Snow, Seaside Kingdom

Location: Go to the Mushroom Kingdom and head south of Odyssey. The portrait is on the ground on the grass close to some trees. The type of painting you found in Bowsers’s Kingdom decides where your next destination is going to be

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