Sunset Overdrive Collectibles Locations Map Guide – Billboards, Smartphones, Secret Sightseeing, Eavesdropping

Sunset Overdrive Collectibles Locations map shows you Fizzo Advertisement Billboards, Scrapped Smartphones, Secret Sightseeing and Eavesdropping locations in Sunset City.

Sunset Overdrive
Sunset Overdrive is exceedingly generous when it comes to encouraging its players to explore the depths of Sunset City and collect tons of collectibles scattered throughout the in-game world.

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Sunset Overdrive Collectibles Locations Map

Start by waking up the artist residing within you to deface the 40 Fizzo Advertisement Billboards found in the city. Find all these Advertisement space owned by Fizzco and make your presence known by drawing graffiti onto them.

In addition to drawing graffiti, you can also get your hands on 40 scrapped smartphones that can be found throughout the city.

Although these phones are not whole lot of entertainment providers like you would expect them to be, they certainly provide you with history of Fizzco and the events that led to creation of Overcharge – pretty handy if you wish to uncover Fizzco’s intentions.

If you get bored of scavenging trash to get your hands on scrapped smartphones, you can always take a moment to scale the largest structures in the Sunset City and find secret sightseeing locations which will allow you to appreciate the beauty of this gorgeous city up close.


You will find your first set of binoculars in the area where you first meet Floyd, the rest of 19 can be found using this guide.

Lastly, you can hack into 9 conversations scattered throughout the city. Yes, I know, it is against the laws of morality, but in a city where everything has gone wrong, this is not that much of a big deal. Besides, it is extremely entertaining.

All of the collectibles mentioned above are tied to different Achievements which can be unlocked by finding all of these collectibles. Here is a quick rundown of every Achievement that you will unlock for finding all collectibles in the game:

  • Eavesdrop on nine conversations by hacking into satellites – Wire Tapping
  • Find all 20 secret sightseeing locations in Sunset City – Explorer
  • Collect all 40 Smartphones – Intel
  • Deface 40 billboards with graffiti – It’s Art, Okay?

Sunset Overdrive Collectibles Locations Map

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Sunset Overdrive Collectibles

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