Subnautica Crafting Guide – How to Craft, Fabricator, Crafting Recipes

Subnautica Crafting Guide to help you learn all about different Crafting Recipes that are available in Subnautica. We have provided all the information about Crafting, Crafting Materials, and where to locate them.

There is a ton of stuff that you can craft in Subnautica. It can be everything from Basic Materials to Food to Electronics to Vehicles. With such a large spectrum for crafting and making new stuff, it can be extremely difficult to remember the recipes or even find them in the first place.

This Subnautica Crafting Guide will ensure that you are aware of almost every single recipe in the game. This will be your go-to place to look up how you can craft the next thing that you need for survival. Everything from Bleach to a Battery will be covered by us, so just keep this guide open when you play the game and be assured that you will not run into any trouble on the crafting side of things.

You can also acquire these items from PC Console Commands. You can learn more about them by heading over to link.

Subnautica Crafting

As you will know by now, we will take a look at all of the recipes of items. The items themselves are divided into various different categories such as Basic Materials, Sustenance, Vehicles, and Scanner Room. We will take a look at all of these categories and acquaint you with how to build whatever it is you need from a select category.

Since you will be using the Fabricator to craft most of the stuff that you need, it is best if you tell you how to craft a Fabricator first. To craft a Fabricator, you need to combine Titanium, Gold, and Table Coral Sample to form a Builder which will then turn into a Fabricator. After this, you can focus on using it to craft Food, tools, equipment, and machines.

Fabricator Recipes

All of the following recipes that you see will require you to use the Fabricator. You already know how to craft a Fabricator so let’s go ahead and take a look at how to craft the items.


Remember that the Fabricator can also be used to cook Food. As long as you have a Raw Food sample with you, you can use the Fabricator to cook it. Alternatively, you can also cook the Food if you kill an animal using a Thermoblade. Using a Thermoblade will give you already cooked Food as long as you manage to harvest it off of the carcass. You will also be able to cure the Food if you have a salt deposit along with the Fabricator.

Basic Materials

These are the standard Basic Items that you will require for your survival.

Item Recipe
Titanium Metal Salvage
Titanium Ingot Titanium x10
Fiber Mesh Creepvine Sample x2
Silicon Rubber Creepvine Seed Cluster X2
Glass Quartz x2
Bleach Salt Deposit + Common Coral Sample
Lubricant Creepvine Seed Cluster x2
Magnesium Salt Deposit x3
Enameled Glass Stalker Tooth + Glass
Plasteel Ingot Titanium Ingot + Lithium

Advanced Materials

These are some of the more advanced materials that you will use situationally.

Item Recipe
Synthetic Fibers Benzene + Fiber Mesh
Uranium Uraninite Crystal x3
Benzene Blood Oil x3
Aerogel Ruby + Gel Sack
Polyaniline Gold + Hydrochloric Acid


Electronics will be critical to your survival in the depths of the ocean. Let’s take a look at how to craft them.

Item Recipe
Copper Wire Copper Ore x2
Battery Acid Mushroom x2 + Copper Ore
Powercell Battery x2 + Silicon Rubber
Computer Chip Table Coral Sample x2 + Silver Ore + Quartz
Wiring Kit Silver Ore x2
Advanced Wiring Kit Gold x2 + Computer Chip
Reactor rod Uranium + Lead + Titanium


Miscellaneous Equipment that will be helpful to you along the way.

Item Recipe
O2 Tank Titanium x4 + Glass
Fins Silicon Rubber x2
Radiation Suit Fiber Mesh x2 + Lead x2
Still Suit Fiber Mesh x2 + Silver Ore x2
First Aid Kit Bleach + Fiber Mesh
Rebreather Wiring Kit + Fiber Mesh
Pipe Titanium x3
Compass Magnetite + Computer Chip
Thermometer Computer Chip
High Capacity O2 Tank O2 Tank + Lithium x4
Swim Charge Fins Fins + Polyaniline + Wiring Kit
Ultra-Glide Fins Fins + Titanium + Lithium + Silicone Rubber x2


You need them when everything is fine, and you will need them when surviving in a post-apocalyptic society under water all the same.

Item Recipe
Scanner Titanium x2 + Battery
Welder Magnesium + Crash Powder + Titanium
Flashlight Battery + Glass
Survival Knife Titanium + Silicon Rubber
Dive Reel Creepvine Sample x5 + Titanium
Air Bladder Silicon Rubber x2 + Airsack
Flare Crash Powder
Habitat Builder Computer Chip + Battery
Laser Cutter Battery + Diamond + Titanium
Stasis Rifle Advanced Wiring Kit + Battery + Titanium
Terraformer Advanced Wiring Kit + Battery
Propulsion Cannon Advanced Wiring Kit + Battery + Titanium
Lightstick Battery + Titanium + Glass


All of these items can be deployed on a surface to function. They can serve a host of useful purposes and some of them can be used to craft new stuff.

Item Recipe
Sea Glide Battery + Lubricant + Copper Wire + Titanium
Mobile Vehicle Bay Titanium Ingot + Lubricant + Power Cell
Beacon Copper Wire + Titanium
Current Generator Battery + Lubricant + Titanium
Water Proof Locker Titanium x3
Gravsphere Battery x2 + Battery + Copper Wire

Modification Station Recipes

The Modification Station can be used to build a fair amount of stuff. It can be placed in any of your mobile bases so it is good to have that when on the move.

In order to craft a Modification Station, you will need a Computer Chip, Titanium, Diamond, Lead and a Builder. You will eventually learn how to make a builder. For now, let’s take a look at what you can make with the modification station.

Item Recipe
Hardened Blade Survival Knife + Diamond
Thermoblade Survival Knife + Battery
Plasteel Tank O2 Tank + Lithium
High Capacity Tank O2 Tank + Titanium x2
Ultra Glide Fins Fins + Silicone Rubber x2
Swim Charge Fins Fins + Wiring Kit
Repulsion Cannon Propulsion Cannon + Computer chip
Ultra Hull Reinforcement Module Cyclops Pressure Compensator + Plasteel Ingot x10 + Aluminium Oxide Crystal
Pressure Compensator MK2 Seamoth Pressure Compensator + Plasteel Ingot x2 + Aluminium Oxide Crystal + Computer Chip
Pressure Compensator MK3 Seamoth Pressure Compensator MK2 + Plasteel Ingot x3, Aluminium Oxide Crystal + Computer Chip
Lithium Ion Battery Battery + Lithium

Habitat Builder Recipes

The Habitat Builder is a very integral part of your arsenal. You can use it to build a plethora of different stuff. It is good because you can use it to build a Seamoth Modification System along with Solar Panels, making crafting quite a bit more varied and easier. To make a Habitat Builder, you will need Wiring Kit, Computer Chip, Fabricator and a Battery. Once you have built a Habitat Builder, you can go ahead and use these recipes:

Compartments Within the Builder

These recipes are for additions to your Builder.

Item Recipe
Hatch Titanium x2 + Glass
I Corridor Titanium x2
L Corridor Titanium x2
T Corridor Titanium x2
X Corridor Titanium x2
Window Glass x2
Reinforcement Lithium + Titanium x2
Foundation Titanium x4
Ladder Titanium x2
I Glass Corridor Glass x2
L Glass Corridor Glass x2
Multi Purpose Room Titanium x6
Vertical Connector Titanium x2
Bulkhead Titanium x2 + Silicon Rubber x2
Alien Containment Titanium + Glass x4
Water Filtration Machine Titanium x2
Observatory Enameled Glass x3
Moon Pool Titanium Ingot x4 + Lubricant x4 + Advanced Wiring Kit
Scanner Room Enameled Glass + Titanium x3 + Computer Chip x2
Seamoth Modification Station Titanium x2 + Glass + Computer Chip x2
Living Wall Titanium


These upgrades will add to the power coming into your builder.

Item Recipe
Solar Panel Titanium x2 + Quartz x2
BiOreactor Titanium x4 + Lubricant
Power Transmitter Gold + Titanium
Nuclear Reactor Titanium Ingot x2 + Lead x3 + Lubricant
Thermal Plant Titanium Ingot + Magnetite x2 + Lubricant


These upgrades will add utility and allow you to craft more items.

Item Recipe
Communications Relay Titanium x2
Aquarium Titanium x2 + Glass
Fabricator Titanium x2 + Wiring Kit + Computer Chip
Locker Titanium x2 + Glass
Wall Locker Titanium x2 + Quartz
Sign Copper Wire Copper Wire
Medical Kit Fabricator Titanium x5 + Quartz x5
Picture Frame Copper Wire
Modification Station Titanium x2 + Wiring Kit + Computer Chip
Battery Charger Titanium x2 + Glass + Copper Wire + Computer Chip
Plant Pot Titanium
Indoor Growbed Titanium x2
Power Cell Charger Titanium x2 + Glass + Copper Wire + Computer chip
Fragment Analyzer Titanium x2 + Wiring Kit + Computer Chip
Flood Light Titanium x2 + Glass
Specimen Analyzer Titanium x2 + Wiring Kit + Computer Chip


Like the title says, just random stuff that you can add to your builder.

Item Recipe
Desk Titanium
Trash Cans Titanium x2
Vending Machine Titanium x2 + Glass
Lab Trash Can Titanium x2
Bar table Titanium + Glass
Lab Counter Titanium x2
Chair Titanium
Bed Titanium x3

Mobile Vehicle Builder Recipes

The Mobile Vehicle Bay is a deployable piece that you will know how to craft since it is mentioned in its appropriate section. We will tell you about the vehicles that you can build using it, and then mention some further stuff that you can craft on those vehicles.

Item Recipe
Seamoth Titanium Ingot x 1 + Power Cell x 1 + Glass x2 + Lubricant x1
Cyclops Plasteel Ingot x 5 + Enameled Glass x5 + Advanced Wiring Kit x1 + Lubricant x 2

Seamoth Modification System Upgrades

You can craft the following items on the Modification System of your Seamoth.

Item Recipe
Pressure Compensator Mark 1 Computer Chip + Plasteel Ingot
Power Efficiency Module Computer Chip
Seamoth Solar Charger Titanium + Quartz + Computer chip
Storage Module Titanium x3
Seamoth Perimeter Defense System Advanced Wiring Kit
Torpedo System Magnetite + Computer Chip
Seamoth Sonar Advanced Wiring Kit
Hull Reinforcement Titanium x2
Exosuit Thermal Reactor Titanium + Magnetite + Advanced Wiring Kit
Exosuit Drill Arm Titanium x2 + Computer Chip
Exosuit Jump Jet Upgrade Aluminum Oxide Crystal + Plasteel Ingot
Propulsion Cannon for Exosuit Titanium x3 + Computer Chip
Seamoth Vortex Torpedo Titanium x2
Seamoth Gas Torpedo Titanium x2 + Gas Pod x2

That is all we have for our Subnautica Crafting Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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